Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Why can't America Respect Politicians like Ben Carson?

oh... I forgot, most people here are brain dead liberals. what was I thinking? I bet my left nut that all of the leftist media is vilifying this man right as I type this


Ben Carson has a backbone, doesn't back down when faced with controversial issues, and he actually understands Islam, which has Sharia Law, which is INCOMPATIBLE with our Constitution. someone give this man a medal. remember, any politician who runs this country to be liked, and to be PC *cough*Obama*cough*Hilary*cough*, will run this country into the ground. any politician who is very well informed on issues, and does everything in his power to protect our country, its constitution, and its people, will keep this country safe, and help it grow. just be very careful who you vote for in the next election. and please don't let your voting be influenced by a certain race, or should I say... a certain sex. that's all I'm gonna say.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious why people are't backing Bernie Sanders like they did Obama? To me, he's the obvious choice.

I mean he's not that dynamic in speeches & is an old fogey, but he has a lot of very interesting qualities. He grew up in poverty & is maybe the only candidate that can relate to the working class, he played college basketball, he was a filmmaker, he worked blue collar jobs, and was involved with civil rights early on. And he's always been labeled as an 'outsider', which is something we could use.

Trump obviously doesn't care about the wealth gap or the views of minorities, and has so many skeletons in his closet, but his ignorant supporters don't care. Hillary Clinton is way too stiff and phony & is terrible at campaigning. a third Bush? no way. the idea of people standing in line waiting to hear Ben Carson speak is almost crazy, the guy's a doofus.

These are all bad candidates except for Bernie, imo

Sp said...

no politician is perfect but you gotta give respect when respect is due.

I also liked Carson saying in debate that his mother grew up refusing to be a victim. that's admirable. it's easy to blame others, especially for a black man, for your problems, but it's hard as hell to stand tall and take responsibility for your own life. too many victims on this planet, not enough people who take destiny into their own hands.

and Hilary Clinton has enough scandals to jail her for life with her fake ass. many feminists will vote for her because she is a woman, and gays will vote for her because she supports gay rights. this country is going to hell if she is our next president. We don't need another Bill in the White House (oh, and he's mos def will be moving in, sexually harassing women, then lying to America that he had nothing to do with it.)

something I saw the other day hacking me LMFAO