Thursday, September 3, 2015

It's All About Muhammad - BOOK REVIEW

It's All About Muhammad: A Biography of the World's Most Notorious Prophet, by F.W. Burleigh, was one of the most fascinating books I have read. It is really well written, and easy to follow and understand. Once I started reading, it was hard to put down.

As recent world events of terrorism keep on spiraling faster and faster all over the planet, I got really fascinated with Islam. Yet the only thing I hear in the media is that this is all done by "evil" people, and that religion has nothing to do with it. This is nothing more than a bunch of lies liberals always force feed us. And even though I follow and listen to some of the public speakers who all say that terrorism in the muslim world has EVERYTHING to do with religion, I wanted to know the truth for myself. Why do muslims wage wars not just on us, the infidels, but also themselves. After I read this book, everything was clear. The conflict between western nations and muslim nations, between muslims nations and other muslim nations, Jews versus Palestinians, why muslims behead non-believers, why they engage Jihad, and why there is so many muslim "terrorists." The answer is very clear. Muhammad, who is according to muslims, is the most perfect man that should be emulated and imitated, was the original "terrorist" himself. Everything that terrorist organizations are doing today, has been done by Muhammad. The very first mosque built by this man was name Al-Qaeda. Surprised? I am not, after reading this book.

Muhammad was a huge trouble maker, war monger, Jew hater, women abuser, and a dictator. He pit son against mother, son against father, tribe against tribe, and caused more trouble in Arabia than anyone has ever seen at that time. This is the very reason why Meccans kicked him out of their land during his "peaceful" days of preaching his new religion. Other tribes have done the same when he came to them asking for help. They knew that if they allied with him, they'd be nothing but trouble. I won't go talking about everything in this book, as it is really thick, and long. But I'll touch on a few key points.

If you study Islam, it will be very clear to you what its entire purpose is, and I assure you it isn't peace or to live in harmony with others. The ultimate goal of Islam, is world domination. This could be traced back to the very first time muslims pledged to Muhammad to fight until everyone on earth accepts Muhammad's religion. This was called The Pledge of Aqaba:

Muhammad obtained a promise of security from Yathrib (Medina) supporters. Six dozen people came to him in Mecca disguised as pilgrims to pledge to fight against "all and sundry" who opposed him. The pledge was essentially a declaration of war against mankind that would last until all of the world adopted his religion and believed in him as God's messenger. (Ch. 12 - War on the World. Kindle location 2559)

Keep in mind that the penalty of any muslim for apostasy is death. This is why there is 1.6 billion muslims on the planet, most of which are uneducated, ignorant, and illiterate; basically what Muhammad was-he could not read nor write.

Do you remember Charlie Hebdo? Were these really just a few "evil people who misinterpreted Islam", like we are told in the media? Not at all. It's quiet the contrary. These were the muslims who studied Islam, and knew more about this "religion" than most. Muhammad himself ordered assassinations on those who criticized him. Muhammad had Asma murdered for criticizing him (Location 3374), had a poet named Kab Ashraf killed for the same reason (Location 3410); He killed all of his critics, until people were too afraid to speak up.

So why is there so much terrorism in Islam today, groups like the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, etc..? It's very simple. The more a muslim studies his religion, the more "extreme" he becomes. The "terrorists" are true muslims who practice pure Islam in its entirety. This is what the world does not know nor understand.  But more and more people are waking up. I am just afraid that the rate is way too slow, and that most will wake up when it's too late. Here is another quote.

He [Muhammad] forced the segregation of the sexes, imposed the veil on women, and regulated the movement of women outside the home. For adultery he imposed the death penalty, and for sex outside of marriage a severe flogging. Yet, as an incentive to get men to fight for him, he allowed them to take captive women as sex slaves, and he promised unending sex in Paradise to men who died fighting for his cause. (Ch. 24 - All Rise. Kindle location: 5141)
I posted a video earlier of Bill Warner talking about sex slavery in ISIS. And this is exactly what these groups believe in, that according to Islam and Muhammad, 72 virgins are guaranteed for every single one of them fighting Jihad. And yet our brain dead liberals still yap about how Islam is religion of peace. All I can say is, stop listening to Obama, and look inside Islam. This religion speaks for itself.

The ending of this book is nothing but the truth about Muhammad, and about what he has unleashed onto humanity, still continues to plague our planet until this very day. The only conclusion I can draw in order to stop the spread and the never-ending "terrorism" which Muhammad, the original terrorist, gave birth to, is unity.  We must unite with Christians, Pagans, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists, Gays, Jews, and all of mankind to expose Islam for what it is. No more apologies for the evils of this political system that paints itself as a religion against innocent people. No more being politically correct. No more lies. The more we read books like this, the more this cancer will cease to exist. When people wake up and realize they've been lied to, that's when the real change happens. But I am afraid most people are driven by hate, ignorance, greed, and propaganda.

All of the sources in the book are cited, and traced back to the earliest works on Muhammad and his religion. I looked a few of them up, and they all check out. Burleigh really did his homework. Outside of a few spelling errors, and the book slowing down towards the end, it was a great read. 4/5 stars. I am just afraid that if our politicians in the west don't wake up soon, and start seeing the elephant in the room, we may be in for another world war. And this time we won't be fighting the Nazis, but muslims instead. Muslims who want to come to England, Belgium, France, America, Canada, Australia, and just about any other free nation with democracy, and replace its constitution with Sharia.

I am going to end with a quote from the book that could be found at the very beginning. This is nothing but the truth. But I am afraid that when those of us who speak it, are called bigots, racists, islamaphobes, intolerant, evil, and every other name in the book. But until we in the west, the civilized world, wake up and face reality, we are doomed to be driven to extinction by the very "faith" that we allowed to be here in the first place

What Muhammad created can be gotten rid of. It is an aberration. It is evil overturning good and claiming to be what is good. It was imposed by violence, for there was no other way for it to succeed; it continues through violence, because it has no other way to sustain itself. But you do not have to continue putting up with it. You do not have to be its victim. Muhammad was not born in the full light of history, as has been claimed. He was born shrouded in the fog of mythology, hidden in a mist of lies. Blow away the fog and the mist and expose him to the light of reason and common sense and what he created will die an overdue death. 
Burleigh, F. (2014-10-24). It's All About Muhammad: A Biography of the World's Most Notorious Prophet (Kindle Locations 173-177). Zenga Books. Kindle Edition.)


Anonymous said...

Remember when you made all those posts about some Palestinian girl you tried to bang? I guess her rejecting you turned you into a psychotic Muslim-hating weirdo. What a pathetic loser you are

Burleigh sounds like a Jewish name. I'm sure that book isn't biased at all. Read Mein Kampf for some proper Jewish history

Sp said...

How is the book biased if all of its sources are directly the writings of the first people who wrote down about Muhammad in a book? You need to stop hating Jews. it isn't just Jews who ruin the world. It's Liberals, some of which are Jews. Jews are just hated because they are the "superior" race so to speak. they have the highest intelligence out of all humans. this is why they always dominate and run things everywhere they go. they have higher IQs. some are psychopaths like Orthodox Jews, but that doesn't mean all Jews are evil. you sure sound like a Nazi.

there is also other authors saying the same thing. there is Robert Spencer who wrote many books, one of which is The Truth About Muhammad. and no he is not Jews, even though his name sounds like he is. Robert, btw, studied Islam and is constantly involved in it in every aspect of the way. He knows what's going on in the muslim world, in muslim countries, the laws there, news from there, etc.. if he says the same thing(s) in his books, you bet your ass it isn't biased.

the Quran is 10x worse than Mein Kampf, because not only it is an ideology, but it's also politics. there is no separation of state and church like in our democratic, free society. this creates hell on earth in Islamic dominated countries. but you don't understand this because you don't study Islam. all you do is blame all the world problems on Jews. I've even seen people like you claim Jews created Islam to take over the world. and you calling me insane? keep believing the evil Jew. perhaps you need to watch Borat again. the world hates Jews for a reason. they are the most prosperous people on earth. and people hate the top dog. and the whole muslim world hates Jews not because of Palestine/Israel. if Jews give land back, muslims will STILL hate Jews because it is in their holy texts. Palestenian Imams themselves say these words. and you know it's the truth when it's coming from the mouth of leaders of the people you defend so much. oh yeah, so are such poor victims they kills Jews every chance they get, because their leader "prophet" did it. how is that not a psychopathic society? no wonder the whole ME has been fucked up and plagued in wars. there is a passage Muhammad created after forcing everyone in Medina convert to Islam. the Jews reminded him that no matter what religion they're with, they are still allies due to a treaty. so Muhammad created a verse in the Quran to allow muslims break the treaty if they feel like they don't trust their allies. waited for a moment until a small incident, and used that to break the treaty with the Jews and subjugate them. Muslims are fighting each other, while killing us (infidels) every chance they get. coincidence? Jews fault? NO! it's in their doctrine. and they follow it like they are supposed to, as good muslims.

wake up! Islam is here at our door step. and while Obama waits until all nations get on his good side and see how amazing he is, ISIS is expanding world wide, Turkey buys oil from them ffs, because they sell it for so cheap. We could wipe out the entire ISIS in Syra right now. but our amazing and smart president won't do that, of course. that's why people like Trump. he doesn't fuck around, doesnt talk with PC talk, and straight to the point. I think he is the only chance we got to save America. if our next president won't have a backbone, and is a liberal? we're FUCKED!

Sp said...

and for the record. I never blogged about the outcome of that Palestinian girl. but in the end, she did not reject me; I rejected her. That had nothing to do with my views. I don't hate muslims. I hate Islam. I was born and raised in a muslim country, and never understood why many muslims hated me so much until I started studying their religion. Once I dug deep, and saw what they truly believe in, it all made sense.

hopefully, you'll find the truth yourself and stop being an anti-semite bigot, like most of the world.