Thursday, September 24, 2015

This is Europe

Let's all take the time to thank our Liberal leaders for promoting immigration, telling us that it is a good thing which "unites" us. But don't worry, this "MULTI-CULTURALISM" is coming to America as well. What am I talking about? It's already here! Our country will soon look like Mexico. and Europe?... just another Middle East and Africa lumped into one.

I guess the whole 2012 prophecy was true after all; this is the End of the World as we know it.

I give it another couple of years before civil war breaks out all across Eurabia. So glad I don't live there right now. My heart bleeds enough seeing this White Genocide take place from a distance. I can't even imagine how I would feel being on the front lines. We need another Crusade, or our civilizations will be lost to barbarity, intolerance, and never ending wars.


Anonymous said...

These are Muslims

They include scientists, musicians, congressmen, the founder of youtube & dave chappelle

Sp said...

so are these

Anonymous said...

These are Jews

They include corrupt bankers that ruined our country, serial killers, pedophiles, Zionists, and a shitload of mediocre entertainers

Anonymous said...

^holy shit, you gotta read that. Your people are as crazy as the muslims

Sp said...

pedophile? did you just say pedophile!?!?!?!

and here is the original pedophile. he is a perfect model for every muslim, and had a 9 year old wife.

Sp said...

And we're not talking about Jews, but since you brought it up.

I am a "Jew" through ancestry. That's about it. I don't practice neither do I like Judaism. Where do you think Muhammad got many verses in his religion and superiority complex of muslims from? Jews. Where do you think he got the idea of stoning culprits? Jews. He took some violent verses from Talmud and went crazy with it, writing over a 100 violent commands to be carried out by muslims, which they still do to this day.

The difference between the Jews and the Muslims, is that there are a few ORTHODOX Jews that are crazy, while there are lots and lots of muslims who are bat shit thinking they'll be going to paradise were they to kill their first Jew or infidel. People blame Jews for everything but not all Jews are alike. The LIBERAL Jews ruined our country, while not every Jew is a liberal, neither is every liberal a Jew.

Organized religion is single handedly the most damaging thing on our planet, especially monotheistic ones. Even Christianity condemns gays and non-Christians, claiming they will go to hell. But it's the least damaging religion today our of the 3.