Sunday, September 20, 2015

looks like Ahmed's Clock was a Hoax Bomb

"so I got arrested for a Hoax Bomb" - Ahmed Mohamed... the kid himself just admitted it was a HOAX BOMB, a device made to LOOK like a bomb.

what. what are people gonna say next? evil teacher should've just congratulated the kid for being so clever? with all those school shootings and other psychopaths going on the killing sprees, should we appease Islam and not say anything because we are just oh such evil "Islamaphobes"? So, this is what it comes to? We are supposed to be silent in order not to offend muslims who could potentially blow up our schools and kill our children? Gee, it's nice to live in this country. You bring to school a fake bomb, and get invited to a white house. a white American kid would do this, i could already tell he'd be given a lecture and there would be news all over "crazy white kid almost blew up a school". But this kid is brown, he gets a pass. because... we don't wanna offend the muslims.

oh, and his "inventions" look like a bunch of devices taken apart. he has yet to tell us what these "inventions" do, exactly. I'm dying to know. got damn people are stupid! buying any and every bullshit that's shown to them on CNN or ABC. fucking media. they will destroy us by pushing these sob stories down our throats. that's how they get all the clueless Europeans supporting that Invasion. but best believe our liberal politicians are doing the best they can to get these invaders into our lands next and the coming year. ohhh weeee! can't wait. it will be so much fun to be amongst the ISIS implants, and those that secretly planning on taking over our nations.