Friday, September 4, 2015

Germany is Committing Suicide

Just like many other countries that are overrun by piece of shit Liberals, this country is being destroyed every single day new muslim refugees flooded from muslim countries. This is how Islam takes over lands nowadays. Before it was violent Jihad through wars. but now it's stealth Jihad

Even though I am not a German, it really hurts me deep inside seeing a country and its culture disappearing into oblivion before my very eyes. Notice how no muslim country like Saudi Arabia takes these refugees, but only European nations that have already enough immigrants. These refugees are collecting government benefits, living off of hard working peoples' tax money like a bunch of leeches, having lots and lots of babies per family, collecting even more money from the government. This is their way of taking over nations. I saw a hidden camera video of Andy Choudrey talking about this, laughing along "take the money from the kaffar, hahaha". Unless revolution happens soon, the left will demolish our nations into the ground with immigration from 3rd world hell holes, and eventually turn our countries into the new ME. The irony is, the video above is done by New York Times, a liberal news media, lol.

Here is more info if you're interested


Anonymous said...

Your Jewish monkey ass needs to be put in an oven, Shlomo Finkelstein. sick of you

Sp said...

oven is not hot enough for me. I'd much rather prefer the beaches of Brazil with hot trranies in every direction. buy me a ticket, and you'll never have to dealt with me again. can't promise I'll stop blogging full time, but I'll tone it down just for a little bit, just for you...

Anonymous said...

Thousands of Syrian refugees are going to Brazil & are being welcomed there, cause they're not racist douchebags like yourself. Sao Paulo's mayor is even Lebanese.

Iceland had 10,000 people offer their homes to Syrians.

In your mind anyone from the middle east is some evil, weird creature that should be persecuted. Same mentality the Nazis had with Jews

Sp said...

I guess that explains why Brazil is being used as a base by more than 7 Islamic terror groups.

since when is muslims a race? you obviously don't know anything about Islam, and is like all of our clueless liberal leaders who keep repeating the same old "islam is just like any other religion" phrase. did you even read my It's All About Muhammad book review? doubt it. You don't know a single thing about Islam, and it shows.

The problem with taking refugees from the ME, is that most of them are muslim. And muslims don't care nor want to integrate into our democratic nations. They want to come, build mosques, spread their religion, and take over our governments, replacing their religion with our constitution.

You obviously have no experience living around muslims. I have. Here they are rejecting food parcels because there is red cross on them. Muslims are so ignorant, that they don't even realize that the cross has nothing to do with Christianity, but that's what they think

Here is more muslims throwing away food and water given to them by the "crusaders", how they refer to us. Notice the trash and garbage they leave behind. You want to invite the refugees from 3rd world hell holes, that don't even respect us or our nations? just wait till they become the majority, and see the type of shit hole they re-create, something they do wherever muslims go

still think muslims are just like any other people? I'll make another post about Europe's suicide just for you. Hopefully, you'll see where I am coming from. If not, the only way you'll learn about the true and pure Islam, is if you ever go and live in an Islamic country. Having this experience as a non-muslim, it will be the only way you'll understand. Because you will be nothing more than a kaffar living in a land that doesn't want you, and hates your very existence.

the fact that you compare me to Nazis when all I am doing is speaking the truth, shows just how ignorant and clueless you are. we are being silenced on our own lands when all we do is exercise our freedoms to speak up. It really pains me to see our freedoms being taken away because of people like you, who want the truth suppressed for the sake of political correctness