Friday, September 18, 2015

The 2nd Caller summed up the Situation in Europe

so when the civil war begins, liberal pieces of shits like this traitor are the people who will be and are responsible for the downfall for our western nations. it's too late for Europe already. but America is mos def next, as we are getting these "refugees" too, many of which have nice clothes, latest cell phones, and money somewhere in the bank.

Remember, the first day of the Islamic calendar doesn't begin when Muhammad was born, but when he emigrated to Medina, and eventually took over the foreign land with Jihad, the 2nd most important pillar of Islam. it is every muslim's duty to emigrate, and engage in Jihad on the infidel, to eventually take over, just like Muhammad did. This is their "spiritual journey". It boggles my mind how most people have not an ounce of clue to what this means to many of these muslims who hate us, and are only here to take over. but that's okay, go back to sleep and play your ps4s and xboxs. this is just the beginning

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