Saturday, September 12, 2015

Europe is Committing White Genocide

I cannot believe this is happening today. But what is even more disturbing is how white people think in this day and age. If Japanese want to preserve their culture by not allowing immigration into Japan, that is fine. If African people want to preserve their own culture by not allowing non-Africans in, that is fine. If any race on this planet wants to preserve their culture by making immigration illegal, no one says a word. But when whites want to preserve their culture by outlawing immigration into their democratic, free, and prosperous nations, they are attacked by no other than other WHITES, along with everyone else of course. These whites have a decease in their mind called liberalism. They hate themselves, they hate their history, and they have no self identity. They are ashamed, filled with white guilt, that was pushed down their throats by minorities and other whites with this thing called "white privilege". Could somebody please tell me where this invisible white privilege is, so I could go get it? I need some money, and free hand outs. Seriously...

Whites have no solidarity, we have no place to go when we are attacked by blacks, or other minorities, verbally, or physically. We have no support system! What we do have, is this cancer that is eating us alive. Other whites attack us for speaking our minds. They call us Nazis, racists, xenophobes, bigots, and every other name in the book because we want to preserve our cultures and not let our countries be taken over by people from 3rd world nations. The most fucked up thing is, there is literally no place for me to go. I could go and join the Nazis, or KKK, or some other hate group fighting for the cause of white people to exist. But I'm not into that hatred towards other races. So, the first type of person people would see me as when I say these things, is someone like Dylann Roof. And thanks to this dude, now you have low life pieces of shits like Malik Shabazz to spew even more hatred towards us "crackas", wanting to exterminate us by "any means necessary". Ain't that some shit? Imagine if I said something like that about blacks in this country. I'd be hanged by the balls. But a black man could say anything he wants about me and my skin, and get away with it. Oh, and on top of that claim he isn't racist since his black skin somehow exempts him from racism.

I cannot believe that at this point in my life I see exactly what is going on. I have been asking, and praying to my guides to show me the truth, and it took me 35 years to see it. There is a war that's being waged on us white people, yet no one is there to save us. Actually, it's the white people themselves who are against us. As a result, we are doomed into extinction. There is more black on white crime than black on black right here in America. But of course, the liberal media hides these statistics. And we are fed a bunch of bullshit propaganda that only skews our view of  the world to one side. Whites are too busy attacking each other, and sticking up for other races who don't even like them or want their help, than to see that we are being taken over by non-whites from other nations. When we stand up and speak against immigration, there is always a liberal to shut us down, silence us, and put us in our place. But forget about America for a minute. Let's look at this white genocide that's being taken place in Europe

Oh, look at all of these "poor" migrants, most of whom are muslim and African, most of which aren't even from Libya or Syria, have enough money to pay their way to get over to Europe, have cell phones, and refuse to eat non-halal meat. Shit, why don't we just get them all a 5 star hotel suite? Yeah, that's a good idea. They invade our lands, hate us to the core, yet expect us to treat them like royalty.

I have a serious question. Why don't our white nations take the REAL victims, the Christians? Christians are driven to extinction all across the muslim world. Christians are being persecuted, slaughtered, raped, forcefully converted into Islam, and terrorized on the daily basis in muslim nations. Why doesn't Obama or any other president of the free world specifically allows Christian victims to come into our countries? Unlike the muslims, Christians actually respect our laws, our constitutions, our freedoms, our liberties, and our democracies. Christians would integrate, and side with us without a problem. Yet what do we do? We take the same people that want to destroy us once they get into the majority. ISIS claimed that they smuggled many of their people into Europe. What makes you think this isn't already happening with America, as our amazing leader is planning on bringing 10,000 Syrian "refugees", most of which I bet are muslim and male.

If this invasion from 3rd world nations keep on happening, another world world will inevitably take place. And when it does, people will finally wake up. But it will be way too late. Oh, and if whites really become the minority, I want to see how much of a 3rd world shit hole this world will turn into. That would be a sight to behold. I can't say I agree with everything James Manning says, neither do I follow him, but one thing he said that stuck in my head. "If all the white people leave America tomorrow, I am leaving with them."


Anonymous said...

Haha this is your craziest post so far. You're losing your mind, psychopath

Sp said...

then why do you come here? all you do is throw your hate and ignorance at me. Leave!

Paz said...

space, have you tried to read up on some history books because truth be told, a lot of the things you said clearly shows that you are ill informed about the past and how it affects the present.

yes, there's a difference between someone being prejudiced as you're displaying and racism which is an institutional, systematic thing which oppresses people based on their skin color, ethnicity and etc. you mention about how africa has whatever immigration policy when you fail to mention that africa pretty much got invaded by the europeans back early centuries ago where the natives were stripped of their power, enslaved, and the europeans decided to bring that racist shit to them. hence, south africa and apartheid. same thing said about america. the same shit is going on to this day. even affirmative action which is supposed to "fix" the wrongs that have happened due to white supremacy, institutional racism amongst other things doesn't do SHIT. look @ the wealth gap in all of these nations between blacks and whites among other groups.

what your problem is that you're not seeing or realizing how fucked up things are. when black people in america are venting about racism where the system and society with it's white supremacy mindset which you see all around you .. folks are saying it because the system is basically trying to fuck them up in this day and age whether it's the school systems, the police, the government, the job market and etc. it doesn't help that you have folks that are taught to be prejudice because society tells them that it's okay to HATE black people, hitting them up with negative stereotypes and other forms of ignorance early, one of which you just mentioned about "blacks killing whites" which is false. dunno where you got that from. but the idea of blacks being more violent than anybody else is once again tied to the white supremacist logic which goes BACK to slavery, the slave trade where slavemasters, colonialists were trying to find ALL the reasons and justifications of why black people should be slaves. they would say horrific shit like how blacks were animals, were uncivilized and them being slaves would help civilize them, how they were innately violent, how black men were sexually impulsive where they had big dicks and were going to rape white women, and all these horrible things.

as for your hatred for islam and muslims, i think you're also dead wrong with that too. yes, there are some people as with the human population in general that are FUCKED UP but you know what.... just because some people are FUCKED UP.. doesn't mean that everybody is. i know plenty of muslim people out there and they're cool. they are friendly. they aren't fucking hateful. they're cool. don't let a few bad apples that just so happen to be muslim make you into a hateful human being where you become like them.

same thing with white people. just because there's some fucked up white people out there that are hateful as fuck doesn't mean that every white person is HATEFUL and shit. everyone has a hint of prejudice in them but it's ALSO their job to put that shit in check and educate themselves constantly to put themselves in check. sounds like you need to do that because your prejudice is really making you think the wrong way.

Paz said...

and you also mention christians following the law. space, are you forgetting that there are plenty of incidents where there's been christian extremists that have shot up places and etc such as tim mcveigh and the oklahoma city mess or anders breivik that killed all those children to name a few.

Sp said...


I won't answer everything you brought up, because it's obvious you're on a totally different vibration right now. I was where you are now a few years back.

you say I am misinformed, but I read quiet a few books in college. Black Studies was even my major for a while before I changed it. I just got past that mentality of blaming the white man, making him to be some sort of a demon. if you study history even deeper, past all that afrocentrism and liberalism that you are exposed to, which pushes all the other form of thought to the side, you'll see the bigger picture. you haven't yet, but that's okay.

yes, black community is a mess and slavery is the effect of it. but many blacks sit on their ass pointing a finger at slavery, and the evil white man in order not to do anything with their lives. it's easier to sit on your ass and play the blame game. that's why i stopped supporting all these programs of fighting the power, because black panther along with most other AA groups are nothing but a place of white hatred, promoting white genocide

but i'm sure you won't learn that in any history books.

white people get attacked verbally, and physically, and it's all just a big fat lie to most, as if it doesn't exist.

remember, the liberals don’t want us united. all the liberals are doing is dividing us apart with all this white guilt they are pushing on us whites. it’s sickening and disgusting at the same time. blacks are the minority in America, yet they commit the most crimes. black on white crime is through the roof, yet you don’t ever hear about this outside of a one or two incident of murder here and there (you know, when I walk through downtown part of a ghetto, black men look at me like “how do I rob this white boy?”) but you get one black man gunned down by a cop, and it’s all over the fucking news for years, with riots, and outrage in the black community blaming the white man, and the cops, and the system, etc.. whether or not this was 100% fault of that black guy for carrying a gun, being a thug, or just a trouble maker makes NO DIFFERENCE. in the eyes of black people, the cop is the culprit, end of story. do you know that there are cops today that are AFRAID to shoot at someone black because of this very fact? even if their life is in danger!!!!!

our society is turning into a big giant hell hole because of all this racism the liberals spread. but you don’t even realize it, because you’re stuck on that same vibration i was on years ago. some of the things i won’t even bring up here and now, because you’re not ready to hear it. it will just go over your head. all these things you talk about and bring up, with apartheid, slavery, jim crow, etc… this is EXACTLY how they divide us and make blacks hate us whites. keep repeating these things on tv and in the media, and you get nothing but riots, and chaos.

“Though blacks are outnumbered 5-to-1 in the population by whites, they commit eight times as many crimes against whites as the reverse. By those 2007 numbers, a black male was 40 times as likely to assault a white person as the reverse.”

the system is not trying to “fuck you up”. that’s a big crack of horse shit! it’s what they keep telling you that breed hate towards white people! the more you hear it, the more you hate us, and the more these stats of black on white crime speak for themselves. lol.. who is telling who to hate black people? more nonsense. Obama was voted in by many clueless libertards by no other reason than his race. hold up.. let me find you this video

@ 8:10

lol!!! this is America today. and you don’t think that’s racist? what would you call me if I said I voted for Bush because he was white!?

Sp said...

i was giving you an example with Africa with how no one would say shit if black people wanted to preserve their culture by keeping 80% of the country black. but when whites say that from Europe or even here in America, they are called racist! please re-read what I said.

and as far as Islam.. wow man you really have not a single clue about it and about the slavery under Islam in Africa.. pheww!!! it was 10x worse and is still going on. yet you’re too busy blaming the white man.

did you even know that in the 1800s Britain sent people to Nigeria primarily to put an end to the slave trade? I highly doubt it. that’s because you’ve been bread on that afrocentric BULLSHIT! No disrespect. afrocentrism and liberalism are like 2 brothers lost at sea, and re-united to rule the world. they only spread one form of propaganda, and hide everything else, like it doesn’t exist. there is a lot more than just this ‘evil white man’ that came to Africa, took slaves, and made their life hell. you don’t sound like you know a single thing about the slavery that took place before the white man even arrived and took part in it. who helped to end slavery in America and in England? the white man. who educated Africans, freed THOUSANDS of them in Africa? the white man. Yet all we whites get is hatred from blacks, blaming us for everything. it’s really sick to me seeing this take place. but it is what it is. I am not going to say a lot more, because I am reading a book on this subject. I will be reviewing it shortly. so, stay tuned if you’re interested.

institutional racism. what a joke! don’t get me wrong, it exists. but in major cities, blacks get jobs before whites do. and then they still talk about this “institutional racism”. please look up the word racism in a dictionary, and stop buying into that afrocentric propaganda, filled with ignorance, and hate.

and those few fundamental christians are like a few drops in an ocean compared to Islam. but you wouldn’t know that because all you’re exposed is to our media, that keeps covering the same story for years at a time. do you know how many terrorist attacks were carried out against humanity in the name of Islam, POST 9/11? around 26,000!!!!!!! but you wouldn’t hear that in our media. they’re too busy calling this a “religion of peace”… oh, it’s definitely a religion of peace. a piece over here, a piece over there…

Cory Chase said...

Space, this is pazzy once again under a different screenname. Wtf happened to you? Now you're beginning to.sound like you're off your rocker. That Donald Trump, fox news, tea party, right wing militia shit ain't reality breh. It would be a huge mistake to go on that path. Did you get your account hijacked or some shit? Seriously. Whatever you're reading up on or whoever has you misguided, fall back from that shit please. You're only playing yourself out.

Here's more on the slave trade.

Breh, what you're failing to realize is that black people didn't create the system or even racism. Have you even studied or try to find the history of racism, race construct, and scientific racism and etc breh?

You're a lot smarter than this, man. You really are. I'm really disappointed in you that at almost 35 years old, you really gotta do some ass backwards shit like this.

Sp said...

I am just tired of all the lies and bullshit from the liberals. they would sacrifice their own country, just to get votes. they're doing just that in Europe, and they sure as hell do the same here in America. if you don't see that, then I really don't know what to tell you. but that's okay. everybody finds their own truth. you may live your whole life and not see what I see, because you're in a totally different place. in the words of Eric Allen Bell, “I know too much to turn back now.”

Interesting stuff. Thanks for the link. But you gotta give the credit to whites, though. People like William Wilberforce worked 46 years with his campaign to abolish slavery. Others like David Livingstone, and Charles Gordon. yet, they are long forgotten about, because of how other people in power took over the slave trade, ignoring their good ethics and deeds to humanity. The negatives outweigh the positives, so people just focus on the negatives (of the white man). I’m sure you know a thing or two about that yourself when it comes to negative experiences with people. It isn’t the fault of those that worked all their life to help blacks, when others exploited the slave trade right under the same rules these whites have set in the first place. Even after Lincoln, do you think slavery just ended over night? Also, are you even aware that many blacks themselves were slave owners right here in America? Did you even know that many whites were slaves in Africa? I’m sorry if you’re offended, but I’m a truth seeker. I could care less about political correctness. and sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction if you dig deep enough.

I know slavery was fucked up, and I am not denying that, but there is a lot more inside the slave trade then just what happened here in the US and England. but nearly all of it is ignored. haven’t you ever wondered why? if you want to find the truth, you gotta go further back in history.

how exactly am I misguided? because I refuse to buy into the bullshit and the nonsense of liberal media? because I look at the situation objectively rather than through the lenses of one group? do you even know what will happen to America if we don’t stop illegal immigration from 3rd world nations? do you even know the future of Europe as this immigration is spiraling out of control faster and faster? Did you watch the first video I linked in this post? Did you even read the post? Donald Trump is the only one so far who is dead serious about tackling the immigration problem, and it is a big problem, so I support him. Is he perfect, and knows about everything in the world? HELL NO! far from it. But he is the only chance we have so far to save America. Liberals will and ARE destroying it, whether you want to admit it or not. I give Europe another 20 years before it’s an all out civil war.

before jumping to conclusions, ask yourself this question. Why do Asians always dominate in school, business, and the workforce? Why is it when you look at an average Asian report card, you see straight A’s? They do better than EVERYONE. The answer may surprise you, but like I said you’re not ready to hear it. you’re still where I was years ago, blaming the system and the white man for racism. when the white man helped the black man in fighting and stopping slavery back in the 1800s, and during the civil rights movement. yet, all of it is almost entirely ignored, and forgotten.

Cory Chase said...

Dude, I think that you're making some generalizations here. Slavery was a law which pretty much said that all black people were slaves until death and all sorts of shit involving racism to ensure that a black person wouldn't be shit. There were few exceptions but blacks in america and most places that had slavery weren't shit. There were some white people that were all for it and there were some white people that weren't. As much as people dont want to hear it, the transatlantic slave trade along with what happened in most places in africa was an enterprise that was sanctioned by white men in power or in the government. They made it the law. However, in society, racism was accepted as the norm where people believed it as wrong as it was.

Yeah, when the discussion of racism and who does it comes up, people generalize too much. People make the mistake of saying all whites or all blacks when it comes to what some people within that population do.

One thing that can't be denied is that racism is still alive and well. The government keeps it alive through policies that basically harm blacks and people pass thar race theory ignorance to their kids and kids.

Another misconception is the old.. if some asians can get money and etc, then black people have no excuse is bs. Its a scapegoat to deny the existence of racism. Asians have to deal with the same racist shit too. They voice their concerns and etc.

One of the biggest lies that is also spread is how whites in america and other places never had help from the government to secure their wealth. The government gave grants back in the 50s allow whites to buy homes on the suburbs and barring blacks from getting any where they stayed in the inner cities. That was one of the many avenues the government carried on racism. Then with members of society who were also racist in power as well like businesses and jobs. It leads to this disaster. It's harder for a black person to prosper in this country than it is for a white person because that's the way the system was built.

Now you may not see or realize how possibly harmful that line of thinking you're doing is but be mindful that that's the same type of mentality that those sick bigots like the nazis that don't want anybody who isn't white, blonde hair and blue eyed, male and christian to succeed kick. It's sick. Personally, I don't get why someone would think that because someone is white or black, man or woman and these harmless characteristics that that means that they're good or fucked up. It would be nice if folks just saw us as humans and weren't tripping off of simple shit like what folks did in England back in the 1400s or whatever. Shit is sad. Shit should never have been like this. I think one of the biggest problems that i've noticed and you may disagree but there's plenty of white people that want to hold on to that type of mentality. Instead of letting go and realizing how wrong that shit is and realizing that they're making the problem worse by continuing to think that way and encouraging that shit by supporting the same things that revolve around that shit,they hold on to it. They feel that because they are white that the shit doesnt affect them when it does. It does benefit them where they don't have to worry about systematic discrimination and shit but it also fuck them up. Basically turning them into narcissistic sociopaths where they think they're entitled and aren't human. It's dangerous.

Sp said...

to Anonymous,

I just deleted all your posts here. from now on, I will perma-delete everything you ever type, hours, or even minutes after you post it. Take your ignorant, racist ass back to sohh or whatever hip hop forum you come from. Your type is not wanted here.


This is more proof that you, along with most Americans, don't know most things about slavery before it reached Americas and Europe "As much as people dont want to hear it, the transatlantic slave trade along with what happened in most places in africa was an enterprise that was sanctioned by white men in power or in the government."

You've been fed a big, fat, lie and you believe in it like it's true. Please look into slavery before any African set his foot on this continent. You'll be surprised what you find. White man did not start any slave trade, but he sure helped end it. Again, I'll be reviewing a book on this subject soon. So, stay tuned.

And how is me KNOWING that white privilege is a hoax dangerous? Please explain to me how I benefit from being white in this country. What have I ever gotten from this white privilege? A free paycheck? Free rent? Some pussy? A job? I HAVE NEVER GOTTEN SHIT FOR BEING WHITE! This is what black people don't understand. There is no privilege for being white. But keep thinking that, if it makes you feel any better. The only thing I ever gotten out of it, was hating my own skin color, feeling guilty, ashamed, and wanting to be anything than what I am. I even stopped being friends with one black guy because he told me what white people experience. FUCK YOU!!!!!!! Don't tell me what I as white person experience. I don't tell what black people go through. How the fuck would I know? I AM NOT BLACK! He linked me some lecture of a guilty whitey, filled with white guilt, talking about race. gtfohere!!!!!!! THAT is dangerous, being around people who make you feel worse about yourself, about your race, and about who you are, making you feel guilty for no other reason than having a skin tone of a certain shade. These same feelings were experienced by many African slaves, hating themselves. but I'm sure you know this. There is literally no difference. Don't EVER surround yourself with people who make you feel shame for being who you are. They are parasites that suck on your energy,

Sp said...

Talk to me like a human being. Until then, I will perma delete all your shit.

The irony is that you're calling me a coward, when you're hiding behind Anonymous or other handles. Even pretending to be Topaz or other people.