Friday, September 25, 2015

vaccines fuck you up!

So, I had a Tdap vaccine a day before yesterday when I was at the doctor, and it fucked me up so bad it isn't even funny. Yesterday I was so out of it, I felt like I was sick. At our 3 oclock meeting my head felt so dizzy, I thought I was going to pass out and lose consciousness. My biggest fear was me feeling this way on the way back home while driving. But luckily, I got better.

Then today I noticed this red area where the shot was given. My arm has been hurting but I never realized my whole muscle around the area is swollen. This is the last time I am getting a vaccine. I don't know wtf it's supposed to do anyway. it says that I could die from being around babies who cough with this virus, but it also says I could die from this vaccine itself. so either way, death comes in all forms. I don't see any point in taking precautions from dying, while taking a risk of dying at the same time.

fuck vaccines!


Paz said...

fuck vaccines, man. they aren't to be fucked with. isn't that them basically injecting you with the virus so you can be protected from the same virus? if it is, fuck that shit.

Sp said...

not the virus itself but a mimic of it. I wouldn't really mind if it was needed, but I'd rather take a risk in getting the virus when and IF I would get it at all. My arm feels better but my entire muscle on my shoulder is swollen. I didn't expect it to fuck me up this bad.