Saturday, September 5, 2015

Is Our Friendship Over?

So today something happened between me and my friend. I'll comeback to this, but first I'll touch on what happened a few weeks back.

My transsexual friend was going to SoCal to get a breast surgery. She asked me to give her a ride and I agreed. I get to her place on Saturday, and she tells me to take her to the airport. So, we get in my car, I go get gas, and we start driving. She tells me not to bother her, puts on her new Beats headphones and falls asleep. 30 mins later, we arrive. I drop her off, she thanks me and I drive off. I get a call 1 minute later with her yelling "you're so stupid, you took me to the wrong airport!" I tell her "you never told which airport, but just said 'airport'. how the heck was I supposed to know?" I told her just wait, and I'll be right over and there is traffic. the Airport was packed with cars. She yells at me "I will never ask you to do me a favor ever again!!!" and hung up. Literally 5 mins later, I do a loop, pull up to the airport, and call her. She doesn't pick up. I did get a text earlier but didn't feel like checking while driving. I call her again. She picks up "go home! don't worry. thank you for the ride" and hangs up.

So, I thought wtf!? and drove off. I didn't feel like circling around looking for her, not knowing what happened. I tell this story to my uncle and he goes "wtf? like a typical woman". So, at least this wasn't my fault. Later on I get a phone call from her and turns out she spent $100 on a taxi instead of waiting an extra 3 minutes for me. Okay, whatever.

Today something similar happened. She lost her phone, so we had a hard time getting a hold of each other. But I eventually made it to her place. She asked me to go with her because she needed to get some clothes picked up. I had to go get gas, so as I pull up I tell her to wait because I also gotta clean my windows a little. She goes "nooo! I am gonna walk. catch up with me!" I tell her WTF!?! DON'T!!! HOW AM I GONNA FIND YOU!?!?! I DONT WANNA DRIVE AROUND LOOKING FOR YOU! YOU TREAT ME LIKE SHIT!! etc.. She goes okay, do your stuff, and gets out of the car waiting outside listening to her Beats headphones again. I couldn't even wash my car because an Asian couple were using both available wipers. So I get gas, and we leave.

She has her headphones on listening to the same shit over and over. She points finger where to drop her off. As I do, I realize that it's a red zone. So, she does not say ANYTHING. Just leaves my car. I drive in reverse and pull to the right into a narrow valley to wait there instead. It's about half a block away. So right as I park, I see her yelling my name. It's a one way street so I was gonna backup until I see her walking towards me carrying a heavy load. She goes "help me proper or don't help me at all! I'm gonna get a taxi if you don't! blah blah". I tell her I can't park there, etc.. She goes "yes, you can just wait for me!! blah blah. forget it! I'm gonna go get a taxi!!" takes her heavy load and takes off. I yell at her but she ignores me with her beats headphones on. I drive to her place, literally 5 minutes away. She pulls up in a taxi 5 mins after me. My backpack and my laptop is in her place so I had no choice. Otherwise, I would've went home.

She brings her stuff and dumps it on the ground. Then brings 2 more loads of clothing of what looks like laundry. Opens the door all pissed off, and says "I don't need no help". I still pick up the 3rd load as we take an elevator up to her floor. I go in, get my stuff, and leave. She goes her way, I go mine.

So I was thinking, is this the end of our friendship? And most importantly, Is this how all beautiful women act? I was going to help her pay for her internet bill, and with some other stuff. But she just acted like a biatch. How the hell can I even communicate with her if she doesn't even tell me anything. How long are you gonna be? Is that hard to tell me? I can't wait in a red zone, LET ALONE IN A BUS RED ZONE! That's why I re-parked.

Anyway, I spent the money I was going to give her on myself today. Did 2 things for me I was putting off for a real long time. It's crazy how I spend all my time on helping her, when I completely neglect my own needs. This is what I need to do. Spend time on myself, set goals, and accomplish them. Otherwise, no matter how many friends I make, or don't make, I will never leave my predicament.

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