Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fate of Germany

This guy explains it very well

You know, with everything that is happening in Germany right now, and Europe,  I could actually see what Hitler was trying to do. Liberals are the most clueless, and open people on earth, yet they run our nations. We need change, FAST! Or these numb nuts will destroy Europe, and destroy America. Even Israel wants to keep its people 80% Jewish, or it will stop being a Jewish state. That's a no-brainer. Once you let a huge number of immigrants in from various nations, that would be the end of your country, your culture, and your people! But Germany, and England doesn't seem to think so. I feel bad more for the native people there, than anyone. Crazy world we live in. 2015, and everything seems to be spiraling downward. I think this is the 2012 prophecy. Something big is about to happen. Only a few years before shit will blow over. Jihadis are piling up into our nations on the daily basis into Europe. Next year, they'll be coming to America. Obama is Satan. This man needs to show us his true colors, and finally come out of the closet admitting he is a muslim. Only a muslim, or a complete and utter idiot will allow this to take place.


Anonymous said...

Dude you have become a full blown racist. You sound like the crazy old lady that told John McCain that Obama was an Arab

Hopefully this is just a weird phase you're going through.

Sp said...