Thursday, February 4, 2016


So I been watching a lot of VICE videos long time ago, and have a few channels on youtube. I finally been logging back into my old channel and trying to change my life so I keep watching motivational videos. and guess who is on my subscription feed? So I come across this video...

At first, I thought hey this guy is just like me (no gay/homo), and he is a loner but doesn't give a fuck about following the flock. It was interesting, and I admired his courage. But then this piece of dog shit VICE reporter goes "you're following the most divisive candidate ever in the history of blah blah". This was my last straw with VICE. No wonder they disabled the comments on this video and most disliked this shit video. Get your fucking facts straight before you spew a bunch of lies at people you delusional nut bags.

I remember watching a VICE video a few days back with all these invading cock roaches in Calais storming France with leftist protesters. So this French guy has these human trash throwing things at him and disturbing him at his residence. The guy was really pissed off trying to fight them all with his fam holding him back, and one leftist moron calls him a Nazi. I mean WTF!?!?! when you got someone disturbing your peace, coming through your home calling you a racist, demanding free welfare and good living condition, and then they call you degrading names throwing things at you. On top of it all, you're supposed to be the bad guy?? FUCK YOU! and VICE makes these invaders look like they're being oppressed; when all they want to do is come to our European lands, leech off of our resources without doing SHIT, and basically become parasites for the rest of their lives. why do I have to work all my life and be a slave to the system, when these leeches come here from their 3rd world hell holes and get free shit without working a day in their life!? WHY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  FUCK VICE! this channels just turned into a bunch of liberal propaganda. I can't stand these pieces of shits now. Just unsubbed from their channel and their News channel is shit too. Fuck em!! a bunch socialist communist liberal human waste. These type of people will destroy our western civilization one day.


Paz said...

agree about vice magazine. can't stand those motherfuckers. they basically are on some smug shit all around and also spread a lot of misinformation as well. they have these yuppie, hipster motherfuckers from the boondocks that move to brooklyn basically trying way too hard to appear smart in attempt to make themselves seem "better" than everybody else so they try hard to be different by talking about topics but at the same time, ridiculing and being condescending. like they basically make money documenting other people and have no respect for them not realizing without them, they wouldn't even be shit. it's like are they being serious with this shit. i mostly see that shit when they do their little bullshit "noisey" trash with the wack ass trap rappers. i feel like straight up smacking the hell out of those bitch ass interviewers that basically are ridiculing the host because to them, that shit is entertainment to them. can't stand them.

but yeah, i don't understand the conservative, right wing, tea party that you and too many of these folks are on. it ain't realistic. in fact, that shit has caused a lot of destruction towards humanity and in the long run, this country is obviously going to fall because of it. folks can do all the wrong they want but eventually it comes back around. there will be people caught up in the crossfire which is one reason why i'm beginning to contemplate about moving out this country. this country probably won't be around in the next 20 years from all it's past atrocities.

Sp said...

quite the opposite. the left wing party isn't realistic. just watch what happens to Western European countries like Germany, Sweden, Belgium, etc.. and see how they go further down the shit hole that they turn into. and when you wonder and ask why? the only people you will look to who are 100% to blame will be the liberals. same thing is happening in this country. but you obviously don't understand this yet, because it doesn't effect you directly. notice how every liberal that at some point grows, becomes a conservative. or he just stays a clueless lib for the rest of his life because he is not open to new information outside of the box. the only way you will understand this right wing conservative tea party, is if some of the issues that are happening around the world will happen to you, or if you study history, and learn what happens to nations that drink that multi-cultural kool-aid while completely ignoring all the conflict, violence, and clashing of different cultures that live side by side.