Wednesday, February 3, 2016

German girl gets Culturally Enriched

look at all these lovely people. can't you just feel the love? these muslims are coming to Europe, and America (thanks Obama!) in drones to culturally enrich our nations with diversity and multi-culturalism. and don't you just hate it when racist, bigoted, and islamaphobic morons like Trump tell us he wants to put a ban on muslims coming here? HOW DARE HE!! what a hater! screw him! he is nothing more than a Christian white racist. fuck him and all the Europeans. white men are all inherently evil. THEY are the problem, why our world is so fucked up, and why every cock roach on the planet flees his sewers to come live in America. we need more of these lovely muslims on our lands from places like Somalia, Syria, Morocco, and all over where this beautiful Islamic faith thrives.

I welcome these lovely muslims who will Make America Great Again. not that greasy islamaphobic racist Trump. repeat after me. diversity is our strength...

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