Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Americans are Clueless

most Americans are clueless when it comes to Islam. This is exactly what this Coptic Priest talks about. all of us who lived around real muslims, know exactly what they're like. but all these Americans living in the west, especially the liberals, are the most clueless retards I ever came across.

Towards the end, the Priest is talking about Meccan Islam, when Muhammad was a nobody. He was preaching his "religion" peacefully. And all these jihadis going around killing infidels, are practicing Medina Islam, which is when Muhammad fled after being kicked out of Mecca. Once he got a big following, and had enough people, he started preaching jihad, telling his followers this is how you get to paradise. Every muslim is like a ticking time bomb. They are sitting there waiting... waiting to get big in numbers. And once and if muslims get large enough in this country, Americans will truly feel and understand what Islam is all about. but until then, go back to sleep. listen to Obama, listen to the Philly mayor, listen to the mayor of Cologne, Cameron, or whoever is telling you that "this has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam."...

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french fries > onion rings