Saturday, January 23, 2016

17 year old girl exposes situation in Germany

she posted this video on her facebook, and it was taken down. fuck Mark Zackerberg, and fuck facebook! what world is this when a 17 year old girl who is afraid for her life can't even speak out on what is happening in her own country?

Merckel is importing all this human trash from 3rd world hell holes, these Africans and muslims go on their anti-European protests, raping girls, tell the natives they will all die soon, and when I speak out against this happening and speak up for MY EUROPEAN PEOPLE, I AM A RACIST!?!?! fuck every last liberal running our western governments. if in the next presidential election democraps win, America will start to look like Western Europe in no time. the muslim in the white house has already been importing rapefugees from his muslim shitholes. if these liberal pieces of trash will win, these same parasites roaming Europe freely.. will be coming to America in drones to collect free hand outs and then do jihad against us all, turning this country into another 3rd world muslim hell hole. I can't even believe I escaped from one islamic shit hole, only to come to the land of the free, and watch it turn into another islamic shit hole.

fuck Islam! a glorious war is coming. and once it's here, muslims will truly get a taste of their own medicine.

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