Sunday, January 10, 2016

Trump cannot be stopped

it just isn't possible..

TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

lets have a jewish pres. why not vote for bernie?

Sp said...

not sure if trolling, but socialism=bad.

anyone who tells you that they'll give you things for "free" is either full of shit, or doesn't understand how the world works. "free" must come from somewhere, either your taxes or the government. Obama, another socialist, got us into almost $19 trillion in debt. do you want us to be in the 30s by the time Bernie is done with America? and no one cares about college degree anymore. I got a B.S., and have known many people with the same degree who work at a completely different job than their major. did my college degree help me to get jobs? a little. but does it make that much of a difference? no. companies want someone with skills and experience. unless you know exactly what you're going to study, college is a waste of time and energy. and even then, certain degrees like social work, law, etc.. require at least a Masters. if college mattered all that much, i'd be living on my own with a secured job, and a solid life. so throw that idea of "free college" out the window. it's useless. B.S. is like a high diploma nowadays. I've known guys who were getting paid 50k salary straight outta high school because they know how to code (and eventually a 3 figure by the time they get a few years under their belt). do you really think college would do them any good? some colleges are actually owned by the Saudis who dictate what to teach Americans (European whites=evil, Christians=bad). that does sound familiar? it's how many if not most of our colleges are ran. if you can't succeed as a black man or some other minority, blame the white man. it's all his fault. and who else other than liberals are used as useful idiots to spread this propaganda? this model that America is a bad bad west and Christianity is this evil "white man's" religion, with Islam being so peaceful and loving, is a tool muslims are using to take over the west, replacing our Christian dominated nation with Islam. and then you want me to go to a college like this to get indoctrinated into hating my self, or others hating me because of my race? no thanks. I already went through this, and NOT going back. so tell your Bernie to take his "free college", and stick it up his ass.

I've seen a clip of Bernie being interviewed by Killer Mike (a rapper who made a song about killing cops. who the fuck would support a candidate that's endorsed by a fucking rapper promoting violence against the police? rappers need to do what they do best-rap, and STFU! same for athletes and actors like Charles Barkley and Samuel Jackson). he said something like "Trump is a bigot whose whole campaign evolves around excluding people and saying 'it's the muslims, they're the problem. it's the Mexican" blah blah blah. after that, I realized that Bernie not only doesn't understands how the world works, but that socialist commie is an utter idiot who doesn't even understand what message Trump is trying to get through to the people. But I'm sure his view would change if an illegal came over from Mexico, raped his daughter, and then got away with murder. We don't just have Mexicans importing crime, gangs, and all their problems here, many jihadists are coming over at our poorly monitored southern borders. Bernie is a clueless communist who thinks Trump is a "racist", like the rest of the liberal media spreading these lies.

Sp said...

I don't know about you, but I'd be pretty pissed if a socialist jew came to me and said, "hey, listen. I know you've worked really hard for the 10 mil you have, but we're taking 6 of that and redistributing it to the poor." the poor won't benefit from the money anyway. a few thousand people will get $1000 check, and then go back to asking for more. you can't make poor people rich by giving them free shit. but you can help them get on their feet by creating jobs, and even programs that teach them how to gain the right skills and employment.

fuck socialism, and fuck Bernie. that pathetic lib can't even hold onto a mic at his gathering. he lets 2 GIRLS from a racist BLM movement hijack his event, accusing his white supporters of being racist. just lol at this dude. how the hell will he hang onto a country, if he can't even hang onto a microphone? and if you vote for him because he's jewish, you're an idiot. last time this country voted for someone because he was black, we got Obozo, the clown. and we all know how that turned out.

Trump is the last chance America has to save itself. if he doesn't win, this country is going straight to hell and we will be following in the footsteps of England, and the rest of the Western Europe, that will be called Eurabia very very soon.