Tuesday, February 3, 2015

being sick sucks

so I have been smoking weed again almost every day. it got so bad, my body was rejecting it and i was coughing like crazy. i took a 2.5 day break and then smoked again with my tranny friend. next day i had a really bad runny nose. i thought its just allergies. but today i got so fucked up, i could not go to work. woke up with a fever. then after i slept really good my cluster headache began at around 11:30am. it lasted a whole 8 hours. i swear, i wanted to die it was so painful. i think it was my sinus dripping on the left side of my forehead. oh man... it took all my energy. even though it's mostly gone, i am drained... fuck. being sick sucks. i think i'm gonna stop smoking weed for a while. my body can't handle all that smoke every day. i need to start listening to it instead of ignoring what it's telling me. second time i got sick cuz of this. my own fault.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried vaporizing it?

Sp said...

yeah, with one of those pen vaps that are like $60. but I never bought one for myself. plus, I am not sure if the quality of it differs. the expensive ones are like $300+. Maybe I should get one for myself, but I don't know. weed wasn't really my favorite drug of choice. I actually had some horrible experiences with it in the past. It just relieves stress for me and I wanted to grow a high tolerance. maybe MJ just isn't for me.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I was having issues with it too a couple of years ago, and stopped for about 6 months. It worked, but also I stopped smoking too much on each session. If you're rolling you should consider switching to a bowl and limit it to a couple of hits per hour.

When I used the vape, I tried one of those from Magicflight. Not sure how expensive is it because it wasn't mine, but it felt really good and different from smoking. If nothing works you could consider switching strains.

Sp said...

I use a pipe. I don't see how that's so much different from a bong, which just filters through water. I don't smoke that much, but maybe i should invest in a vap soon.

i just can't can't smoke every day using regular equipment like this with a lighter. my body is very sensitive.