Saturday, January 16, 2016

cold from Marijuana

so, I was sick with fever, and soar throat from weed AGAIN. Could not even go to work on Wednesday. was going through my blog and turns out this happened about a year ago. it's almost as if I haven't learned my lesson yet, or I simply forgot about it. so I had to re-learn it.

I was smoking weed a lot lately. some weeks almost every day. one good thing about it is, i developed a high tolerance for it. but my body still seems to reject it if I do it on regular basis. my throat starts to hurt, and then i eventually get a cold. or maybe only during cold seasons since everyone is sick now. it's really weird but that's how my body works. as a result I am quitting weed for the most part. I do wanna smoke it every Sunday, though. because Sundays are the worst. I get insomnia on Sundays like no other day because the next day is work. couldn't sleep last night for some reason until 4:30 in the morning! had an OBE when finally falling asleep. it's weird but OBEs seem to happen more naturally around that time.

I am actually thinking of getting a real vaporizer after reading a suggestion in that thread i linked above. the problem is, why would i need it if I wouldn't smoke that much? I already bought one for my friend, but after talking with my co-worker, turns out that it's not really a vaporizer. it's a pen with a coil. i thought that's how all vaporizers are, but that's the first one i spent money on. and it wasn't even for me.

Here are pros and cons about marijuana, and how it effects me.


Unable to focus
Unable to study
Unable to read
Unable to get anything productive done


Stress relief
Focus better (some traits actually go backwards in certain trips)
Become more social - When I smoke, I tend to keep on talking without going back in my head. This helps me with people. but problem is, I've had horrible panic attacks doing it in public. So I try my best to socialize sober (whenever I grow enough balls to go out to socialize. in other words, almost never)

The main reason why I even smoke weed, is because it is the only thing that helps my insomnia. But when I do it so much, even weed stops working. So, I need to smoke it in moderation. I do wanna try magic mushrooms next, as it helps with cluster headaches and I've been into psychedelics for some time. As of now, though, my main focus is on MONEY.

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