Sunday, March 30, 2014

I had the BEST Date of my life...

I just got home from my date; first one this year. It was with a big girl I met, from cl of all places. It's funny because I just got some weed, and I haven't smoked in a long ass time. I am still doing my 60 days no fap challenge, but since I smoked a few days in a row I was like 'ehhh, let me look on cl', even though it was against my challenge. So I did, and found this girl's ad. Her ass was fucking AMAZING! And she liked my pics, so we ended up having a date.

She pretty much told me she is a weirdo, like me. And she has no friends, like me. WTF? That really shocked me. These two things mos def are huge things we have in common. I tried talking about sex asking what she likes when she brought up polyandry, but it went downward from there. I was so fucking horny for some reason. I usually have a really bad sex drive since all this porn and fapping I've been doing throughout a big part of my life. It almost put a mute on my sex drive. My boners weren't as strong, my climax was weak, and after the first orgasm I didn't care to go for the second round. But after seeing all the ass on this girl, and not fapping nor porn watching, I started fantasizing about BBWs and was almost on a mission to bone her after the date. I was surprised too because I thought I only like Trannies this much. But I guess BBWs, and other sorts of women are all a part of me, as much as Trannies are a big part of me too.

I came home with blue balls. It was painful, and still is somewhat. My nuts are officially red, but my 60 day challenge is still on. It's a good thing the girl gave me feedback on how forward I was sexually and that isn't a good thing on the first date. Many girls would just walk out and the date would be over. Anyway, I can see the future with this girl. I was just checking out her curves and HOT DAYMN I WANTED TO RAVAGE THAT PUSSY RIGHT THERE!!! my god... but if anything happens with this chick, I'll make another post.

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