Friday, March 28, 2014

Palestinian girl, pt. 5

So, yeah. A strange thing happened on the way home back on Monday from a long day of work.

I get on the train and see the Palestinian girl co-worker that I had some history with. I'm like WHAT THE FUCK EVER! and completely ignore her walking behind her. She was standing next to a stand looking at her phone. I was like okay whatever. I go waaaaaay back. I'd say 3 trains at least. It's crowded. And I'm thinking, well I'm glad that's over. Then I get on the train, grab a seat, start reading my book. 20 seconds later... I look up... guess who I see. This girl is standing there looking all foxy. High heals, see through dark yellow stockings. I am like WTF? I guess she really like me. no fucking way she would come rush 3 trains ahead within like a minute. So, I'm like okay whatever. Keep reading my book. A seat becomes available next to me... She doesn't take it. I'm like hmmm... okay I guess this is a coincidence. If you like me, this your perfect chance to come sit next to me and say hello. I mean we are co-workers. Another seat becomes available to the front right perpendicular to me, right next to exit. She sits there. I'm like okay. My stop is next. I get up and go towards the door. She has her head in her right hand like she's nervous or something. I am like okay cool. No eye contact. See ya!!! Get to the door, wait like 20 seconds which seemed like 20 minutes standing right next to her on my right.

It's really interesting. My other co-worker told me that this girl is passive. I didn't understand what she meant cuz she couldn't give me a good example. But now I see why. You can't even say hi to me first? Wow... well, there is nothing I can do baby. If you like me, you're just gonna have to grow some balls and initiate a convo at least... face your fears.

I saw her linkedin page and she is going places. I am just surprised she still works at retail that is like a shit job, which pays you not so well.. but yeah, if anything else happens with this girl, I'll post it.

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