Saturday, March 22, 2014

I feel bad for Ukraine

Russians wasted no time to take over Ukraine while the country is very unstable and in turmoil. can't even imagine what those Ukrainian soldiers felt when their flag was taking down...

One thing I couldn't stand about certain Russians when I was growing up in the former Soviet Union, is their arrogance mixed with their patriotism. I remember we used to play volleyball outside of our apartment complex. We would tie a volleyball net to a roof of the storages on one side, and to a branch of a tree on another. I was tying the net to the branch of the tree, and one Russian who was around 21 years old, I was around 9, said to me "you not tying it right. not like the Russian way." And of course I am Jewish, and part Ukrainian. The guy knew this so he had to say that comment to make me feel inferior. Small shit like that always made me want to be Russian. It's sort of how certain black kids in America wanting to be white, and certain white kids in America wanting to be black. It all depends on their environment, and the ignorant men these kids are around who constantly put down their culture. But I digress..

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