Friday, March 28, 2014

Palestenian girl, pt. 6

So I am at work today and step out to get some candy from the store across the street. I was about to take a regular exit, and guess who I see... my Palestinian girl standing there talking to a co-worker. I'm like GREAT... so I go around and sneak out the employee entrance. She saw me... I don't think much of it and go in the store browsing for some candy to buy.

I get my Calypso drink and some dried mangos, turn the isle, and GUESS WHO I SEE! I was like hey! what's up? long time no see.. she is like yeah, blah blah and I just talked to her for a few minutes. Then I'm like okay, well it was nice seeing you again. she says yes me too.

here is the thing.. at this point... I DON'T GIVE A FUCK! she seems very interested in me, but I am at a point where she either asks me out, or this will not happen. I got too many issues and my biggest fear is letting anyone, or especially a girl who is a co-worker into my life, letting her see my flaws and especially predicaments that I'm in. but if she gets at me... I'm down to hang out. I am just tired of being the only one doing all the work. I feel like she needs to face her fears. If she likes me, she should say so and go from there. If she won't, oh well...

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