Sunday, March 16, 2014

Headache #2 2014

Just wanna document this for my record. Second cluster headache in 2014 from the first one a day ago. I think it's the aftershock. Woke up after an hour point 5 nap cuz I had to piss really bad. Headache started coming up. I started to do breathwork, and felt I needed oxygen (couldn't be water since I drank enough for me to piss at 3am, and I usually don't wake up at night for that unless it's 2-3 hours from falling asleep.) Opened window since my candle was burning that could've eaten a lot of fresh oxygen. I either didn't get enough air, didn't have enough fresh air in my room, or both. It worked and headache went away in 10 mins...

3 hours later of not able to sleep... another one. this time it lasted 15 to 20 mins from 6ish am to 6:20. it can't be lack of water cuz im pissing all night. it could be either seasonal cuz I usually get cluster headaches in spring. it could be cuz of sinus cuz I been sneezing, or it could be I need to use the restroom cuz I got gas but I tried and I just can't go. either way, I'm glad it's over and I just hope I get a few hours of sleep since I got work in the morning.

3.5 hours later at 9:30ish am another mini headache but it was milder and lasted only 10 mins

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