Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Most Dangerous Ideology

This is what people don't understand. Under Islam, there is no separation from State and Church like in our free nations. In Islam, the State and religion are one and the same. But to go even deeper, Islam is not even a religion. Islam is a political system DISGUISED as a religion. The left has this naive view that we should all

And I'm all for that. I used to be like that myself, very accepting of all people, races, religions, etc.. But there are some people out there that WANT YOU DEAD, because you don't belong to the same group as them, or you are of a group that they hate. Communism, Nazism, I even remember reading about Hitler's view of his pure "Aerean race" theory, and now we have ISLAMISM. I just sort of heard about Wafa Sultan just around the time I went to college. It was that famous debate she had when she just obliterated that idiot on Al Jazeera. I remembered some crazy times I had running into muslims in groups in the streets while growing up. It reminded me of what she was saying and how barbaric people turn into under Islam. But then I sort of forgot about it, and went back dealing with my issues. I was too preoccupied with them. A few years later, I wanted to go a little deeper. And I did. Then the more I learned about Islam, about Muhammad's life, Islam's history, its ignorance, its terrorism, its bigotry, its violence, and its evil, the more I realized just how asleep the world is. We in the west worry so much about polution and destroying the Amazon, when we completely forget that there are some people out there that DON'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT THE AMAZON or nature, but are out to expand their ideology, and kill you when they do, if you refuse to accept their beliefs and their god. Crazy ass world. The more I live in it, the more I realize just how small I am.

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