Sunday, October 18, 2015

bought a Wii U, found this site.

Bought a Wii U on Friday. The best decision I have made in a long time. Plus, I also bought this DELL monitor, which is the best monitor I've EVER owned. So the timing was perfect! Bestbuy had this sale, so I had to take advantage of it, as console are never on sale. And fuck Black Friday! I hate the crowd . I used to work retail on Black Friday. Luckily, it wasn't Walmart where people are like fucking animals, grabbing anything they could get their hands on.

Anyway, I got Super Mario Wii U and Luigi Wii U in one. Came out on the same day I purchased it, 10/16/15. Luigi game is stupid! It's basically the same thing as the Mario one but levels are slightly altered, some of them, and there is a timer so you gotta rush. But Mario Wii U is awesome! I also got the Mario Kart 8, so I'm gonna go play that and go to bed.

This makes me want to get back into Astral Projection. I had one a few days ago, but I mostly smoke weed now. It's hard to sleep for me. Something about this place or the energy here. I never lived in a calm, relaxed, and grounded place. And I am very sensitive to energy, so things in the air are always disturbing me. I remember once there was this being or something watching me. I know because I had an OBE, and once I snapped out of it, I heard this real loud crack in the ceiling, and a second later a car's alarm went off. it was as if this being jumped to ceiling and then flew out to escape and hit the car. This other time, I have this OBE and I open my astral eyes. I see this giant being, looks like a 6'5 feet elf looking at me. He was more curious but freaked me out, so I start blowing air at him so that he'll disappear. I'm all freaked out unable to move. But yeah, all of these parallel realities exist and I've experienced some worlds beside this one. I just need to learn how to sleep without weed, get some money, and travel a little. I wanna see more places here in America and move somewhere where I like the energy. So far, this place has been gotta weird to me. People here are different, not very grounded, and very stand offish.

I'm out. Gonna go play some Mario Kart, and look for other Wii U titles. I wanna find something I could play with other people online. That new Splatoon game seems nice but it's an utter trash since Nintendo doesn't even allow you to voice chat with people. Not the best console for online games, I guess. But I don't have much time anyway. This is my 1st Nintendo since I had SNES 20 years ago. I had the best times with it. And I can see me enjoying the fuck outta this Wii U. I love Nintendo. The only console that makes me enjoy games like a kid, and love every second of life while playing them.

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