Monday, October 26, 2015

The Truth behind White Genocide

If you want to understand White Genocide, watch this short movie

The Endgame - Full White Genocide

They want to exterminate us white people off the face of the earth.

Isn't it funny? A black man goes out and gets in touch with his African roots and his people, they call it unity. I, as a white man, go out and get in touch with my EUROPEAN roots and MY people, they call me racist, Nazi, and just about every other demeaning, and derogatory name in the book. That is such and utter horse shit! I don't even have the words to describe this process. This anti-white propaganda has been infiltrated throughout every part of the globe. What do these elites want from us? I am so glad I stopped watching television back in college. If I didn't, I would still be asleep believing in a lie of integration, multi-culturalism, and diversity.


Unknown said...

White people have only a 6000 year history of existing on the planet. Are outnumbered 1to11 non whites. Approx 5,000,000 whites as oppose to 5,500,000 non whites. The earth belongs to the emanated black brown and yellow people. The people of the sun. The white races is 100% weak and was not MADE to ex is forever. Unfortunately accept your future. Ever since the caucasian people left the caves they have cause chaos on every single continent they have gone to.

David Free said...

Melanated black brown and yellow*
White pride would mean to embrace evil. If I was white I wouldn't be proud of what white people have done. They are not original. The moors civilized them and they use non whites to gain everything they know they know have.

Sp said...

I am not even gonna bother to argue with you and your afrocentric propaganda. go back to listening to bobby hemmit lectures and whoever the fuck else you follow. you should be the last person to tell me about being proud. you are "proud" of these moors who were slaves of Islam, a doctrine that has done much worse things to Africans than European whites. but you won't hear about that, because you're too brainwashed hating the white man.

and no I will not "accept my future". I am proud of my WHITE European ancestry, and will not be ever ashamed of who I am and who I look in the mirror each morning. take your anti-white racism with you, and leave my blog, please.

David Free said...

I'm a native american man. There would be no history without Black history. Im not anti white. I like your blog. I think ill stay

Sp said...

Okay then. I have a 3 part response to you, then.

1) I have actually studied black history, or should I say "Africana history" as it's called today, and almost graduated college with that degree. I myself was indoctrinated in this mind frame that you're in right now. I believed EVERYTHING I was told, and thought that black people are not only original (which they are), but also SUPERIOR to the white man. This is down right nonsense. There is no superior or inferior. There is just "different".

2) If everything what you said was true, then the world would look completely different. So, let's say theoretically that the moors, who weren't just "black" btw, some were African, while others Arab. and please study the history of slavery under Arab MUSLIMS who have done HORRIFIC things to the Africans; much, much, MUCH worse then the white Europeans. Why don't you go around saying about Arabs what you say about whites? That's because you're brainwashed by the Nazi liberals who spread the anti-white history in America and everywhere in the west by pumping all the slavery and white guilt down our throats since our birth (I will shortly write a book review about the slavery that they don't teach us in schools).

So, How would the world look different today? How would the world look if, according to people like you, the "moors" taught us, the Europeans, "everything they knew, how to write", etc..? Every black nation would look like a paradise. Everywhere you'd go and see black people, it would be clean, no crime, and a complete utopia. But when you look at the world, it is the complete opposite. The only paradise nations you find today are WHITE nations. The USA, built by white Europeans, England, Germany, Australia, Canada, etc etc.. and everywhere black people go, there are ghettoes, crime, rapes, and a complete chaos. Look at what happened to South Africa. As bad and as racist the apartheid was, the country was stable, the streets were clean, and everything was under control. Once the blacks took over, it turned into a big SHITHOLE! It is now the #1 rape capital of the world, rampant crime, South Africa is one of the most corrupted nations on earth. Africans actually believe that by curing themselves of HIV/AIDS, they must have sex with a virgin. So, the rape keeps on happening as a result. And look at Haiti, an independent country for like.. 200 years ran by blacks. It's a fucking mess! I also live in what was once called a "ghetto". When we first moved in here, I witnessed 2 murders, both black on black. And I really thought about this. "Do black people move into ghettos, or do they create them?" And I hate to say it, but it's the latter. Even after the cops have fixed the neighborhood, got rid of most crime and most drug dealers, black people still go around killing each other. I even talked about this with my black barber when I used to live 10 blocks south where the crime is worse. I said to him "there is all types of people living in the neighborhood, but the only ones that get killed are blacks". He told me "yeah, man. I had some guys from high school that still hold grudges against me wanting to go there. I'm like 'can we move on, already?'" There is a lot more to this, and why the black community is perpetually fucked up, but I won't go into it right now.

Sp said...

3) The victors write the history. Remember that. If the Nazis won, do you think we would all think that they were these evil people? HELL NO! They would make the Allies look like the Nazis. every victor in any war writes the history. and, of course, he writes the history making his people look righteous, and the enemy look evil. the first writing ever discovered wasn't by the moors who occupied Spain, but it was by the Sumarians. Look it up. This is why every time someone like you say that propaganda about the moors teaching us whites about how to write and how we "came outta our cave", I can't help but laugh inside. Afrocentrics are delusional, and their teachings are only skewed to make black people look amazing and superior to all. If you really want to be offended as a native american, look up this book called "They came before Columbus". The AA author is basically claiming that Africans came to the Americas and taught everything they knew to the natives, your people. Lol! too funny, but many black people and even those like you buy into this propaganda. And that's all it is.