Thursday, October 15, 2015

I love it when Muslims are Honest with you

And what does the Swedish government do when Jihadist that come back to the country after fighting for ISIS? They get them therapy, and then provide them jobs.. LoL... I wish this was some sort of a joke, but it's not. I'm not even gonna lie. If I was living in Europe today, I would have joined a Nationalist movement. Nationalism is the ONLY thing that will save Europe at this point. The governments that are overrun by leftist retards have completely abandoned on protecting their own people, and now side with muslim, painting them as "victims". Oh yeah... the muslims who go to Syria and cut the infidels' heads off are the real victims. Not the native white women who get gang raped because they aren't wearing burqas. We should provide free therapy for these poor victims, and then jobs. Screw the native population. Matter of fact, let's kick the native Europeans out of their dwelling places in Germany, so that these poor "refugees"get to replace them and live there rent free, with government hand outs. My blood would be boiling if I was a native born European seeing this take place. I can't say it isn't boiling already, but at least I'm here in America where it isn't that bad... yet. But who knows, maybe that twat Hilary Clinton will be our next president. And if that happens, god help us all.

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