Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Civil War in Britain

I've been saying this for how long? This is where Europe is heading. Islam is like a virus. It needs a host. once it finds a host, it grows until it spreads in every part of the body. Once it does, it will start to kill the body from within until the body dies. Then, it will look for another host or self destruct without being able to find one in time. This is Islam. People need to wake up and stop believing all the liberal propaganda that Islam is just like any other religion. All the violence, wars, chaos, and oppression you see all across the ME under Islam is coming to Europe, eventually. Too bad most of the world is asleep, listening, and believing all the Leftists' bullshit, making Europeans feeling sorry for these migrants that are coming over, when most of them are young, male, and from outside of war torn countries. They are here to take over. You better believe it.

67,000 views with this man speaking nothing but the TRUTH! and you could get 67 MILLION with Obama deceiving the public with how Islam is a religion of peace. Sometimes I feel like I am the only sane person in the world. But I know there gotta be some other sane people out there. Too bad most of the politicians aren't concerned with their cries, never ending protests, and the screams of desperation to stop Islamizing their lands. But soon they will pay the price. Only the real people who will be paying this price would be the native European people. Paying the price for mistakes of your leaders. That's fucked up...

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