Thursday, October 22, 2015

Black Man speaking the TRUTH!

I can't say I agree with everything James David Manning says, but beside the fact that he is hilarious, he speaks his mind without worrying about what these liberal, progressive, politically correct pieces of SHITS have to say about him. They have done destroyed our country, and have Europe looking like Eurabia and Africa all in one.

God bless James Manning for seeing the real TRUTH. Blacks could attack us whites, verbally and physically, blame all of their problems on us, discriminate us in the work place, kill us, rape our women, yet you don't hear a single thing about it in the media. But a white man speaks up on being proud of his heritage, wanting to live in an all white neighborhood, and he is labeled a racist. Why is it that only blacks are allowed to be proud of who they are, along with Asians, Latinos, and just about any other race in the world? But when whites do it, we are labeled bigots, racists, and every other name in the book? What a crock of horse shit!

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