Thursday, October 1, 2015

I am so glad I don't live in Europe

every day going to school in the morning I asked myself "will I ever get out of here?" I can't even imagine if our family managed to move from the shit hole muslim country to Europe, only to be dealing with the same shit. How my heart bleeds for you, Europe. But there is literally nothing I could do. It's up to the people there to rise up and start a revolution, or Europe will be swallowed by the virus that's been plaguing our lands for the last 1,400 years years

Angela Merkel should be put in jail, along with Obama, and Hilary clinton for destroying our nations, and planning on this invasion of our American lands. This same chaos that is happening in Europe right now is inevitably be coming to America next year, and in years to follow. And we have nobody to thank but our liberal politicians for allowing this to happen.

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