Friday, February 13, 2015


another one just passed, draining my sinus. lasted a good 50 mins. not as intense as last time, but still hurts like a bitch. i hate this season.

holy fuck. so 30 mins later... ANOTHER headache hits me. i was in the middle of eating, so i go in my room and lay yelling periodically holding my head in a pillow thinking 'i hate my life'. my mom comes in my room, sits next to me and tries taking it away with her hands. i was like ok whatever i really don't wanna be bothered right now, but i don't mind this.

then... she starts giving me a lecture about my diet. I was like wtf?! gtfo here!!!!! don't talk to me. stupid bitch. is she insane? does she not realize she is making my headache worse? who talks down on someone in pain!?!?? fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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