Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dredd, and Stardust=Great Movies

especially Dredd. that movie was fucking bad ass!!! action packed like no other I've seen in a while. smoking some weed to it makes it trippy especially with those slow mo scenes where people shoot up drugs. DAMN this movie was good. reminded me of Burn Notice, which I stopped watching after Season 2 cuz of annoying ass Fiona ruining the whole show for me.

My favorite part was this psychic Judge that has her first training day with Dredd, and come to think of it... this was like Training Day in a way. But it was more of a Sci-Fi future film. LOVED this movie!


Stardust is more of a fantasy film, which was good - 4/5 stars

Dredd is more of an action pack, go in, come out dead or alive, live in the moment film - 5/5 stars!

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