Friday, February 13, 2015

another headache coming on


another headache started at 9:10am. i took advil, and thought it would help me like it did last time. it worked about 20 mins in. but headache lasted until 9:47 so it didn't seem like advil did anything.

I woke up from a nap at 6:30am (from 12:30), and went back to sleep at 7:30. i think that i need to eat and drink after naps. my body needs food. i used to be able to prevent headaches by drinking water and stay eating (water especially). but now that doesn't work. ate cereal and drank water but didn't prevent the headache. upon wakening at 9am i felt a very mild headache and thought id get up and eat/drink. nothing. no result. thank god it's over now.

-Date of the time this post was made-

wow.. fuck my life. its getting more and more intense. i took a hit but actually it was a dud. i don't think weed will help me anyway. these headaches are inevitable and are all sinense based. fuck it hurts it hurts so bad i wanna off myself. i don't wanna exist feeling this. it is the most intense and severe pain. like someone is sliding a knife in your eye and your head.

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