Thursday, February 26, 2015

Isis destroying Ancient Artifacts in Mosul museum

I am so angered and disturbed by this, I cannot even express it into words. cutting peoples heads off, burning people alive, all of that is not enough. now these low life pieces of shits are destroying artifacts that are thousands of years, and are part of our history. this is the most disgusting thing I have seen in 2015. If you are not familiar with what these artifacts actually mean, they are the equivalent to Ancient Egyptian statues, which were worshipped by the cultures thousands of years ago. How can you have absolutely no respect for other cultures, and other religions than your own?

I hate to say this, but Islam is the plague to our planet. it has created the biggest filth out of human beings I have ever witnessed. I remember the destruction of Buddha statues by the same kind of pieces of shits in Afghanistan, and now this? these creatures working for the devil himself are not even aware of what they are doing. they conciseness is so low, it could hardly understand of who they themselves are, let alone about the world around them. I am deeply saddened, and appalled by this video. I am seeing our human history being destroyed before my eyes, and I just wish I could do something about it. I really hope one day there will be an end to Islamic religion, and all the low life forms it creates

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