Monday, October 20, 2014

Strange Dream about Stars

the first thing that happened in my dream last night, was that I saw a bunch of magic mushrooms. they were beige in color.

then what happened was even stranger. I saw a star in the dark sky. no other stars around it, but just one big bright white ball. now when I say a star, I don't mean a tiny star. I mean a huge star that's as big, or even bigger, than our sun. but seeing it at night was weird. then I saw another star looking in a different direction that was just as big and as close to earth. I saw a third one and got really scared. are we all gonna die? are these stars gonna generate storms, tsunamis and chaos on our planet? I was so scared, I looked way. and then I saw a huge planet that was about 10x bigger than our sun. and when I looked close... it was another earth.

I kinda wonder what these dreams mean. I am reading a book on dreams, but I haven't picked it up in a while. I'm gonna start setting goals for myself to read little by little each day. seems like it is the only way I can go through books. otherwise, I end up wasting my life watching youtube videos, or doing absolutely nothing feeling sorry for myself.

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