Saturday, October 11, 2014

LG G Pad is the GREATEST Tablet on Earth!

So, I was going to officially review my purchase of LG G Pad 8.3. But honestly, it takes way too much energy for me to do such things. So, I will just state all the reasons why this tablet is the BEST purchase I have made in 2014 when it comes to electronics.

First off, this is my very first tablet. And I already feel like I can't live without one.

I got the white one, and it looks much nicer. My co-worker purchased this same tablet because of me and after he seen mine, he wanted white one as well.

Here is the thing. I have an iPhone. And getting Android for me was very different. I really HATE iTunes, and the way Apple makes everything complicated. But with Android, all you have to do is plug, drag & drop, and BAM! You're done. I can NEVER go back to Apple after this, EVER! I even got really lazy and stopped uploading music and other things on my iPhone, takes too fucking long and I just hate the process with retarded ass iTunes. I mean, my tablet even plays files that apple devices don't support, like FLAC music files, windows media player files and others that iTunes would have to convert before 'syncing' <-----another retarded ass bullshit with Apple.

The thing is, I played around with Samsung tablets before, and they were okay. Something about them I didn't like that much. But with LG G Pad, everything is almost perfect.

And all the FREE Games that are available in the App Store, I honestly don't even see the point of owning a console at this point. Unless you have lots of friends with consoles, which I don't, getting one at this point is useless if you have a tablet.

I even got a Lucid Dreamer App that I use. After I fill up my O.B.E. journal, I'll just use my G Pad to record my Dreams and OBEs. I have 3 physical Dream Journals total. But why waste resources when I can just use an App for everything? LOVE IT!!!!!!!

There is lots of great features that I won't get into, but most of all, I LOVE THE HD SCREEN!!!!!! Every single person that have seen my tablet has said the following words to me, "nice screen!" I even had an Apple fan say that. The screen is essential if you're a reader, as I am. I can read a book for long periods of time without getting eye strain.

With reading books on Kindle, I honestly can't even go back to reading physical books. I can just find what I'm looking for with the find feature. With a physical book, I could spend 30 minutes to an hour looking at a passage, which happened to me before.

The only thing I don't like, is the time it takes to charge the battery-4 to 5 hours. The battery itself is good, though-lasts 7 hours or so. And also the camera, which is 5.0 megapixels. It's really handy when taking class notes. I just snap pics of the entire lecture on the black board. Fucking LOVE IT!!! That's why it would be nicer if the camera was a little better; at least 7 megapixels. But oh well, I won't really need to use it 98% of the time, since I use my laptop to take notes now.

All I gotta say is, Android 4 LIFE!!! I heard that retarded ass iPhone 6 just got the "new" feature swype, which was available for Androids for a while. Why is Apple always years behind, and when they finally release old shit, all their fanboys go "ahhhhh" and "ooooooo"?? IT'S OLD SHIT!!! WELCOME TO 3 YEARS AGO!!! fucking idiots.

But I digress. LG G Pad, I LOVE YOU! I'd give this baby 4.5/5 stars.

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