Sunday, October 5, 2014


FUCK YAHOO MAIL! they basically now REQUIRE you to phone validate their shit when you register for a "FREE" email. I don't want to give out my phone. I already go through enough BULLSHIT agreeing to all the privacy of my location, my contacts, and all the other personal shit whenever I use my tablet. WTF I GOTTA GIVE YOU MY PHONE NUMBER FOR!?!?! especially if I'm gonna use this email to troll. FUCK YOU!!!!!!

but most importantly... FUCK MICROSOFT'S OUTLOOK EXCHANGE GARBAGE EMAIL!!!!!!!! I thought... FUCK YAHOO! I'll create my first Microsoft Exchange account. Never had one, may as well get one. I go through the fucking registration process. I get an account. Sign into it. Then I get it set up on my tablet. All this shit takes me over 10 minutes. And then what happens? When I try to send out an e-mail, it doesn't go through so then Microsoft logs me out of the fucking email saying "We're sorry, but someone may be using your account to send out spam emails. Please unlock it". I go through their bullshit unlock links, and where does that take me? TO THE FUCKING PHONE VERIFICATION PAGE!!!!! FUCK YOU MICROSOFT!!!!!!

But it doesn't end there. I go fuck off!!! and create a SECOND Outlook account thinking something went wrong. I go through the SAME BULLSHIT PROCESS. WASTE ANOTHER 10 MINUTES, AND THE FUCKING E-MAIL DOESN'T SEND AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know if its my android free email app that fucked up. but regardless FUCK YOU MICROSOFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND FUCK YAHOO EMAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!! PIECE OF SHIT. FUCK YOU BOTH FOR WASTING MY FUCKING TIME!!!!!!!

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Paz said...

try gmail. don't know if you require a phone number for that shit.