Monday, October 20, 2014

My Latest Approach, pt. 2

so as I am leaving my class a few hours ago, I wait for the elevator. as I get in, guess who is there... it's my girl standing there in the corner. I eye her for a bit, only to realize there is a guy there standing next to her chatting her up. I'm like okay, cool... whatever. I feel like it wasn't a good time to approach.

I remember the second week after my initial approach I was really nervous. I was actually contemplating on waiting outside for her. at this point... I JUST DON'T GIVE A FUCK!!! a man of my caliber with as many issues as I have, and with no independence or life of my own, I don't feel like I could contribute a whole lot to a woman's life. so I'm like... what the fuck ever. seeing her talking to that tall guy brought me back to all the times I'd be browsing ads on craigslist. seeing so many women make posts like "I want a guy who is at least 6'1"..." and mind you, some of these bitches are 5'2".... 5'2"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW THE FUCK YOU WANT A GUY TO WHOM YOU COMPARE AS A MIDGET... YOU ARE 5'2"!!!!!!! MY GOD... SOMEONE NEEDS TO SLAP THE SHIT OUTTA YOU!!

internet dating is a fucking joke. but it makes me realize in how much of a high demand tall guys are for most women. is it their dick size? is that the whole fantasy women have in their minds when they see tall guys? arghhh... whatever. I don't care. if I see this chic alone next time, I'll say hi. if not, I DON'T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Paz said...

i agree. these women don't have to do the approaching and plus guys are quick to cater and simp on them so it ends up going their way when it shouldn't even be like that. it's fucked up, man.