Thursday, April 3, 2014

I am sick, & Date 2 sucked

so I txt the girl to meet again, and we ended up watching a drive in movie-my first time ever. right off the bat, things went south. I made a huge mistake, and did not tell her I had a soar throat. She started acting moody and weird, and the whole time she was like that. She was freaked out that I didn't tell her and that she may get sick also. Later I find out she has issues, and the good thing about this date is that I would've never knew her issues if I didn't show up being almost sick.

She txt me saying she overreacted, and feels fine. But I am SICK now. Had to take PTO from work, and nose been running all night. I barely slept, and had a huge fever the whole night after the date. I thought I was gonna die; my heart pumping so fast. Now it's the next day and I'm better with no fever but my nose is still running. I think Advil helped to get rid of the fever, but I hope I can work tomorrow.


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