Wednesday, April 16, 2014

X-Men Movies SUCK!!!!!!!

You know what I hate the most lately? When I go to a movie theater, and every fucking time before the movie they play the new XMen commercial. It's always emotional, futuristic, and CORNY AS FUCK!!!! I've seen Xmen 1, it sucked balls! I've seen Xmen 2, IT SUCKED ASS!!! after that I do not even want to see a fucking trailer of any xmen. but what do I get, all these corny ass Xmen commercials!! XMEN... FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Worst movies EVER! go the fuck away and take your emotional, corny, and childish scripts with you.

And every time someone brings Xmen movies up, like my supervisor at work, other people chime "ooooooo yeahhh. I am an X e too!" MAAAN STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK XMEN!!!!!!!!! XMEN MOVIES SUCK ASSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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