Sunday, April 6, 2014

Reincarnated with Snoop Lion MOVIE REVIEW

When I first heard about Snoop Dogg changing his name to Snoop Lion, my first reaction was to judge, as I'm sure most people out there thought the same. But then after viewing Reincarnated, I found a whole new respect for Snoop. I remember watching a short clip on youtube once, of a MTF Body builder. At first I thought it was a female body builder, as they all look manly and masculine, but then learned it was a transsexual. I don't remember her name, but at some point her quote appeared on screen, "life is all about transition." And that is the TRUTH!!! In order for an individual to evolve and grow, he must change into what he wants to become. And if going through a lot of hell, chaos, and negative experiences, then so be it. Many people stay stagnant and never change, but they are miserable inside wishing they had something more; or maybe they are just 'normal', and like being that way. But I am too far from being normal.

Snoop was talking to one of the Rastafarian, I think Bob Marley's brother. I don't remember; I was high as fuck watching Reincarnated. But Snoop then says "for the first time I actually feel like I have something to say. not like I never had nothing to say before. it's just this time it's more serious." Something to that effect. and I respect Snoop because he wants to rise outta that gangsta shit that he is just tired of rapping about. He no longer lives that lifestyle, and that sort of music poisons the minds of many young kids. He understands that now, and came to Jamaica to explore reggae and to have a new experience. I respect Snoop for doing that, and I don't even like reggae!

Some of the parts of the movie were funny, when Daz almost lost consciousness when he got high as fuck on the mountain. And snoop sitting in a car talking about "the weed here is organic, from the ground, natural, no THC. You find the right buds, they'll get you high as fuck." Snoop must have been high as a motha fucker cuz the weed "naturally" has THC in it. LMAO!!!

One Rastafarian said in the movie "the herb has a healing factor for both the mind and the body." And actually the Shamans in the Amazon say the same exact thing about ayahuasca, and use the brew in their spiritual hallucinogenic rituals. It's really interesting how various cultures all across the world use plants in healing ceremonies. Yet the government makes these healing plants illegal.

I really enjoyed this documentary. Much respect to Snoop for growing, evolving, and most importantly, CHANGING! 4/5 stars.

And now I leave you with my favorite song from Snoop Lion's album... Remedy

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