Sunday, April 27, 2014

Having a cold without Fever

I had a cold a few weeks back with a runny nose, fever, and it lasted about a week. So, this Tuesday I had this lymph node in my neck which scared the shit outta me. Turns out, I got sick again. My whole body was aching. I felt like shit, but it was weird as fuck cuz I could go to work, and my nose wasn't running. But my mucus was nasty and resembled the color when I am sick.

this is the weirdest experience I had being sick. I not only didn't have fever, but my nose wasn't running. And on top of that, I was sick a few weeks prior to this. Today was my first day better.


Paz said...

get well or at least i hope that you're better now, man. 1

Sp said...

Thanks, man. I am much better now.