Saturday, September 8, 2012

got a # from this FINE ASS Black Girl

so, every Saturday me a bunch of guys get together and approach women. I did around 10+ approaches today.

but anyway, I come out of Macy's looking for my wing. he is nowhere to be seen. I walk down the main street downtown, look to my right and DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN. this black girl's ass was so curvy, i honestly thought she is from ATL. At first I made an excuse NOT to approach, of course. The excuse was "she is with her family". She was with her cousin and her mom I think. Her mom had a baby in a baby carriege she was pushing. So, after I stepped away I thought "fuck it! I am going for it".

I come up to her, and she stops for me after I said hi. I was like okay, cool. Then she is so receptive and talkative. Long story short, we talked for not even 5 minutes and I got her digits. the funniest thing is, she is only 19!!!!! she don't look like it, though. [Nick West]But Shawty is FINE AS HELLLLLL![/Nick West]. will call her tomorrow.


Cory Chase said...
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Paz said...

congrats. did you call her?

Sp said...

no, i may do it tonight or possibly, most likely tomorrow.

i get rejected 95% of the time and I feel great in a way; once i get a #, i get scared. dating scares the shit out of me. i am not used to being close with people and having healthy relationships. if she will be responsive and well actually schedule a date, it will be scarrier to me than any approach i have done so far. now, i dont know. maybe im wrong. but i just dont have enough experience in dating and especially in life. ironically, she has way more than me, judging by her pierced lip. i think she been through sex already, and ironcally i am 13 years older than her. i am not sure what to say about sex to her. i was thinking to ask her if she is a virgin, but then shed probably ask me the same and i dont wanna lie. i'll ask the guys if they can give me some tips on how to act on a date with a 19 year old.

so yeah, i am scared. really fucking scared. i was just thinking of taking her to a coffee shop near her house so i dont intimidate her or especially myself with being fake by picking her up in my mom's car and taking her to some nice restaurant like i got it made. but i honestly dont know what she is used to. the way she looks, i assume she only had experience with alpha males cuz they are probably the only ones who'd approach her. so i am not sure where i stand or how i will be compared to them in her eyes. either way, i will go look for some jobs right now and then research some nice coffee shop near her. call her after wards or tomorrow. will blog the results.

Paz said...

first off, i think you have your age as a major advantage. she's young so she's probably very inexperienced and will seem much easier to win over than like say someone who's older. i don't think you should get carried away being too worried about it. just call her, talk to her, meet her up, and basically see where it goes from there. you can be nervous but please call her and make it happen, man. i notice that you're getting a lot of female attention, dude. you will get laid or get yourself a girlfriend soon enough. i think you should just get it done and over with. it's your time to experience some romance and love. treat it like a birthday present homie.