Wednesday, September 26, 2012

19 Year Old Black Girl, take 3

I just wanna close this chapter with this final post.

basically what happened was this. When I talked to her that first time I called her and she called me right back, I said let's meet for coffee. She said she knows a coffee shop near her house she used to go to. i told her to txt me the address of it. she didnt. so i txt her the address of a starbucks near by and told her to meet me there at so and so time. asked her to let me know if she could make it. she said shell let me know.

a day goes by and i dont hear back from her. then im thinking all kinds of things, and im like 'she is not interested. she is a gold digger. her friends told her not to talk to me, blah blah blah, etc..' then i get a txt from her a few days later 'hey sorry about that. when im not working we can do something'. i was like wtf? wow! she IS interested. cool! maybe her and i will finally meet! (being the clueless guy that i am) i talked to my wing and hes like let her go. she is not worth it and never let a girl mess with your mind. if she didnt even let you know that she could not make it, she will most likely never gonna meet with you.

but she txt me one time that she is free saturday. i was like okay. you wanna play this game? lets do this. i txt her back "ill let you know". then the day goes by and i dont say shit. i wait a few more days and pretty much txt the same thing she did 'sorry about that. etc etc.. i am free next week though, etc..' i was gonna do this 2 weeks in a row to fuck with her mind 2x as much but she stopped replying, lol...

19 year old, model, and fucks with guys minds. mos def not the type of girl i would wanna mess with. but at least now i know what to do if this happens again. you fuck with my mind? i am gonna fuck with yours twice as much, haha!


Paz said...

i disagree with what you did, man. i think you should have at least give her a chance. maybe she was nervous like you were.

Sp said...

I dont care.

She may have been nervous, but she probably has girls telling her to flake and do stupid shit like this.

All the girls I ever tried to get with who were like this, they all made me feel the same way: confused, hopeful, and always leaving me laying in the dust. And every time I fall for it trying my hardest to get a day on which I get to hang out with her, like SHE is the prize. FUCK THAT SHIT! "I" am the one who is the prize. NOT her.

Paz said...

happy birthday, homie.