Wednesday, September 12, 2012

is Islam a form of Satanism?

I was thinking about this after reading the Egypt and Libya story. how these Muslim nuts set American flag on fire and killed one American diplomat after some anti-Muslim film mocked the prophet Mohammed.
I think that Islam is poison to our planet. it is like a ying to the yang. the evil for the good. Buddhism for example, is of complete peace, while Islam is the exact opposite. Islam is about oppression, sexism, dominance, control, torture, killing, raping, and exterminating anyone who says anything different than what Islam says.
you make a satire movie of Jesus, people laugh and chuckle. Christians get upset, even outraged.
you make a satire movie of Mohammed, people laugh and chuckle. Muslims go on protests, burn flags, and kill people.
Why? because I personally think that Islam is a form of Satanism. now.. I really hope no Muslim is gonna go do protests and kill people because I made this post. But sad truth is, it COULD happen IF my blog was big enough and had lots of followers. I really am glad I don't live in a Muslim country anymore. I was born in a Muslim country, and hated living there every minute of it. I felt their hate when I was only 8 years old. and never ceased to experience their hate until me and my fam left the country.
Why are they so heartless? Why are they so full of hate? Their own people engrave hate into the hearts of their own kind by preaching it every chance they get with Quran in one of their hands. I know everything exists for a reason, but I kinda wonder when will Islam accept others as they are, be they white, Christian, women, or Jews.


Paz said...

christians are the same way too as well as other religions. a lot of this is propaganda though. a reason for places like the united states to come into countries and basically fuck it up like what we did to iraq and afganistan. islam is no different than christianity, man. me personally that's why i don't even fuck with religion period because it's all poison. you have everybody basically using the idea of a higher power to be bigots, jackasses, racist, homophobes, mysogynists, haters, and just basically being ignorant. what gets me is how they claim to be about peace but yet their actions and words contradict that. they're better off being atheists.

Sp said...

I agree as far as how all religion is poison, but disagree with the part how Christianity is the same as Islam. Many Christians who used to be violent have become very peaceful and loving after finding their religion. Now, I don't like Christianity or any religion for that matter, but how can you say that is the same as ignorant Muslims who kill, destroy, rape, and poison the planet with hate. Who rapes women, and then hangs them legally? who blows up sacred Bhuddist temples with absolutely no respect? who kills without any sort of remorse and then claim that it is part of god's plan? those who believe in Islam faith. how can you say that's the same as Christianity.

I know most Christians are brainwashed, talking about "you'll go to hell if you are not a Christian. accept Christ before it's too late", and all this other crap. But I don't see them kill and destroy living beings just because someone said something bad about Jesus, or someone who believes in a different god.

I know I have said this before on my blog, but Wafa Sulfan is my hero. she is the Martin Luther King Jr. of Islam.

Sp said...

I am editing this post with her video.