Saturday, September 22, 2012

no ammo

I am at a point where talking to women is sort of pointless at this time. this is because I feel like I could come up and say hi, but I have no ammo.

This reminds me of my clubbing phase.

Phase 1) took a workshop and had guys push me to approach females
Phase 2) me being really scared and down on myself 'i suck'
Phase 3) realizing I could come up and talk to anybody
Phase 4) being really excited and eager to talk to women/people at clubs
Phase 5) realizing I have no game and absolutely no ammo
Phase 6) I give up completely and go inward back to my old self

right now i feel sort of similar but in phase 5. I am not gonna give up like I did with clubbing but feel like I need to do some homework before I talk to women. another thing that kinda makes me not wanna approach females is, I dont go anywhere!!! walking down streets and approach girls randomly is the most highest % i will not have anything in common with them. and i cant tell them any stories of me going places cuz i dont go anywhere.

I need to find a way to look for events and go to them. striking up convos at events should be easier because people are more receptive there compared to on the street. I mean on the street it's like "who the fuck are you? go away". this doesnt apply in all situations, but generally speaking when people are walking from point a to point b.

so i dont know... i can approach but i 1) stop myself too much and hold back a lot, 2) when i do say hi, i am in a loss for words sometimes. especially when a girl puts up a wall or doesnt say much.

i gotta get in the lab and do some homework before i go in the field again. BUT I AM SO FUCKING LAZY.. omfg... sometimes I wish I wasn't born a Libra, but I chose this sign and gotta find a way to make the best of it.

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