Sunday, September 30, 2012


So I am 33 tonight
I am somewhat high
I'm gonna stay up all night
Looking at the moon in the sky
Enjoying the fresh air outside
As I take 3 hits out of my pipe
Thank you Gods and Goddesses
Keep guiding me through this metropolis
I will succeed and not let anything bother this
I am ready and dont need no other thoughtless
people who want to bring me down regardless
of what my beliefs are as they try to stop this
because I know who I am you CANT FUCK WITH THIS!
religious freaks try to stear me towards apocolpyse
leave me alone and go preach at "Religous Fanatics" anonymous
I got my panther with me, I am watching you and see all your life
your struggles and worries, it's all there while you talk about your wife
or your husband and then your baby eventually twice, or thrice..
you're like a machine who wants that spice
the one that makes you not wanna sleep through the night
your needs are just like mine but yet you dont see me in sight
thats cuz I am in the jungle hiding behind
all the trees and branches while I slip into the night
into the shadows of moon and its light
So remember, my friend for the future you hold
Your worries and ignorance will make things unfold
with all the talking and gossip of him and you do
you think youre better than me, but you KNOW its not true
I hope you forgive me on being so hard
but I felt your aloof distance from the very first start
and when you smile and act like youre cool
you putting on acts, and I am no fool
But I really am happy with who I am turning to be
Peace and love to you buddy, forever from me

Happy birthday... to all and happy birthday to me


Paz said...

i know i wished you a happy birthday in your last post but happy belated birthday again, man. did you do anything or get anything for your birthday?

Sp said...


I didnt do anything but work, come home, and smoke. Just had a b/d present from my mom. But she left me completely alone because I asked her to.