Monday, September 10, 2012

19 Year Old Black Girl, take 2

so I called her before my interview today. left message, but she called me back right away. she was baby sitting her cousin's baby. she is so sweat!!! sweat, and sassy. she told me she is outgoing when i approached her and i said i like that. I really love women who are this way because i can talk to them all day and night. but then again, i gotta make sure not to talk to them like a friend otherwise ill be in the friends zone or shed just be bored of me and ignore me. happened before.

either way, i said look i am not good at talking on the phone, even though i could've talked to her easily with her sexy personality, but lets get together for coffee and see where it goes. she said there is one coffee shop near her where she used to go to, and will txt me the address. its almost midnight and still nothing. will see how it goes.

funny thing is, I so didnt wanna have a date on 9/11, but it just may happen. i dont know. and on the other note, OM is very powerful. just humming OM to this out loud is one of the best meditations I have had. I enjoy it way more than following my breath. so peaceful and calming. try it, you will not regret it


Cory Chase said...
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Paz said...

what happened?

Sp said...

I have a feeling this date isnt gonna happen.

Paz said...

she didn't call back? maybe she forgot. try calling her again. if it doesn't work, then sorry, man. cheer up, dude. you'll have more women rolling up on you. you're doing your thing though, man. congrats.