Sunday, May 24, 2015

Lucid Dreaming Tea

I ordered the "Guayusa & Coconut" one, since I love coconut. And surprisingly, it tasted awful. Not the Guayusa itself, but the coconut, which was grinded into a powder. I found myself dipping the bottom part of Guayusa in the hot cup, trying my best to leave out the coconut mixing in with the tea. I drank it every morning, and even before bed, and I don't remember any significant differences of having any sort of Lucid Dreams. I had Lucid Dreams or Out-of-Body Experiences only when I took naps (was doing reality checks every 15-30 minutes). I also googled Guayusa, and didn't seem to find any of its properties being 'inducing a Lucid Dream', or anything like that. Maybe the guy just created the "Lucid Dreaming Tea" name as a business slogan. I don't know. I got a free sample of "Guayusa & Rooibos", which tasted much better. I wish I would've ordered that initially. Anyway, this herb wasn't anything where it induces dream like trances or even helps you to be more awake in your dream. This was at least my experience. If you tried this tea before and had different outcomes, please share them. Thanks.

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