Sunday, May 3, 2015

last week I ate Meat

so my lazy ass been meaning to blog about this, and I finally got around to do it.

I have been having sexual problems where I am completely impotent, and not care about sex whatsoever. The irony is, my incel ass can't get laid for shit, but at least I wanted to feel good I still have a sex drive. I tried many things like taking ginseng herb, drinking pomegranate juice, and eating figs, and nothing worked. So, I thought maybe it's because I haven't eaten meat for so long. Being a pesciterian and only eating fish every now and then could take its toll on you.

So, as I was hanging around my tranny friend on weekends I ate cheese because of her. She eats dairy products sometimes, and meat as well. Then about 2 weeks ago I said fuck it, let me experiment. I did the whole ritual of praying over the dead animal I was about to eat, apologizing for all the pain the humans have caused it, then consumed it like there was no tomorrow. I ate beef a total of 5 times. But my sex drives hasn't really improved. I mean, it did but only because I been practicing tantra by myself spanking my monkey without cumming for days at a time. It sort of builds up and it feels like it's the best nut ever that you never really bust. Sexually energy comes in waves. The high when you feel amazing and horny, and low when you don't even have any sort of pleasure doing the act. I guess that's how it works when you get old.

Either way, life goes on. I am stopping eating meat again. I really need to detox and get rid all the poison in my body and especially my mind. Eating meat is not my primary problem, even though it could be a part of it.

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