Saturday, May 9, 2015

False Awakening & OBE

So, just this morning when I woke up, I had my first false awakening. I had a long dream, and then... I wake up. I check my computer, and it says that it's snowing outside. I think WTF!? can't be real. I look outside, and there is Arizona desert like mountains, with snow around them! I do a reality check, and it feels blurry. I realize I am dreaming. Then I woke self up to prove it to myself. But once I did, I regretted it realizing I could have had a LD and went flying somewhere.

Now, I had an OBE a few days ago, in which I was stuck as usual. I normally don't share my OBEs because in 95% of them I seem to be stuck like this. But here it is, word for word from my dream journal on my tablet.

Can't seem to separate no matter what I do. At first, laying in bed repeating 'I will have a lucid dream'. Then I have a feeling like my legs are floating but I'm stuck. I hear 2 men talk in some alien language I never heard before. it was like listening to the radio. I got scared at first when I started thinking about vast emptiness, darkness, and nothingness that stretches across the universe, and how lucky I am to be here on earth where I actually experience colors, shapes, sizes, forms, and most importantly light. Then I calmed self down, visualizing my REBAL.

I keep trying to separate as the 2 men talk, but I'm stuck. I move head side to side, and hear my hair rubbing across the bed head board. Try rolling out. Can't move at all. See room in grey with a little bit of light, as always. See a black object on the top right. Tried seeing what it was but no luck. Eventually, when started thinking about how long more this will last, I could feel it fading. Next time I won't think about end.

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